Wild Magic

Beneath the surface of your everyday life, you long for more.

You long to break free, to reclaim your wild self, and to believe in magic again.


Why we gather?


Wild Magic is a refuge from the daily grind. 

It is the place where you are encouraged to let your walls down, lean into your fears, to share you unique gifts with the community and support you to share them with the world around you.  We are raw, vulnerable, and totally real with one another.

It is for those who are ready to:

  • Discover mystical arts to manifest more magic in life.

  • Explore what their soul medicine is.

  • Step into their gifts.

  • Embody all of who they are.

  • Share their divine uniqueness.

  • Claim their Spiritual path.

  • Journey into wild ways.

A intimate collective of seven participants will explore a life of Wild Magic in 2019


Wild Magic will include:

4 month emergent journey with The Soul Alignment System

Each month together, we will:

Explore a topic related to Wild Magic and healing the 7 wounds of modern times in a virtual, interactive, sacred retreats.


You will receive:

  • A deep, supportive, nourishing community for you to explore your own magic and healing

  • Twice monthly 4 hour virtual, interactive, sacred retreats around the themes

  • Monthly guidebook to explore the themes of the month

  • Monthly 1 on 1 calls to support your personal journey

  • Wisdom to support our inner and outer journey

  • Ongoing support in our private community as each theme is explored throughout the month


Nicole is a wise medicine woman who works to transform your energy by helping you find your own way. She sees the light that may be hard for you to find yourself, but with her guiding hand you're able to catch it and learn to make it burn brighter. Her loving, empathetic spirit embraces you as you go on your journey of self-exploration toward finding what your soul's purpose is. Through her work I was able to shake my metaphorical tree to see what I needed to focus on and what needed to be let go of. This allowed me to free up room and make space for the things in my life that really mattered.// Heidi Lane - Charmed Intentions

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Wild Magic and Medicine Mentorship Circle

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Payment in full


Monthly payments begin January 1st at

$550 month