The Soul Alignment System

An energetic assessment tool to support your heart centered business based on The Soul Alignment System.

  • Are you seeking guidance on where to focus your energy or what step to take next?

  • Do you long to to have a business that fits around your schedule and your commitments in life?

  • Do you feel ready to share your passion and purpose with the world?

  • Are you ready to have unlimited freedom and earning potential in your life?

  • Do most sales and marketing out there feel slimy, inauthentic, and like everyone is saying the same thing to you?

  • Do you desire to be of the highest service to the world around you?

  • Do you want to get all your shit in order so you can fully show up in your truth and power?

  • Are you tired of listening to all the of the same old noise on social media and know you have something important to say?

  • Do you know you are ready to share your gifts with the world, but feel scared to death with how to make that happen?

  • Are you reading this and saying, "YES! Like, HELL YES! to one or more of these questions?"

Then, you are in the right place.  

Nothing is going to challenge you to grow, deal with the skeletons in your closet, and to fully embrace all of who you are than choosing to share your heart centered business.  

Your business is a direct reflection of who you are.

Typical business development is based on the energy of doing, pushing, going, checking the boxes and following all the steps.

The Soul Alignment System focuses on a business model and energetic system I created over the years that guides you to your own intuitive guidance, finding your natural flow, leveraging your natural gifts, following the path of ease and from there moving forward from a place of aligned action.

By connecting my years of energy work and elements to The Soul Alignment System, I guide the way for you to finally feel like you are following your Soul's path.

Who am I & How was this system born?


I'm Nicole

After living and creating from a state of 'being' first, then 'doing' for 3 years, life keeps getting more magical. 

On a recent day marked for just being, I began to realize I could hear my guides speaking to me.  The first thing they shared with me was that they were gifting me with an energetic system to accompany my already refined program for those birthing heart centered businesses.  

Within an hour, I had been gifted nearly the whole Soul Alignment System and could see how it all fit together.  This system is an energetic tool for self assessment and can be used with clients you work with.  It shares your energetic strengths and weak places or energies that need healing as you step fully into sharing yourself and your gifts with the world.  The Soul Alignment System looks at your whole energy system and gives you the exact energy your need to work with, when things are going your way and when you are feeling stuck in the muck and need assistance getting out.  This system has provided significant breakthroughs for those who have used it and I can't wait to share it with you!

Copy of Foundation.png

The Details



is a 8 week program

We begin on Monday, October 1st

Course Format

Modules will be delivered in weekly guidebooks with assignments (Available on Mondays)

and weekly integration Q&A calls (held on Wednesdays)


We will gather live on Zoom, an online meeting platform.

Our calls will be 60-90 minutes in length.

All calls will be recorded and available immediately after our call

so everyone can participate regardless of your availability or time zone.


What  to Expect

Before we begin, as a BONUS you will receive my digital course, PROJECT YOU: Get Grounded and Bloom, to get you started.  This will support you in clearing out the chaos to simplify your life, getting grounding and connecting with yourself to bloom.  

This clears the ground ahead of time so we can lay the foundation together

Module One-The Beginning

Calling in Your Desires 

Week of October 1st

  • Get to know yourself more deeply

  • Lay the foundation for your journey ahead

  • Discover your love language, core desired feelings and primary archetype

  • Soul Alignment System Assessment Overview

Module Two- The Rooted Magician

Get clear on your Why and your Soul's Purpose

Week of October 8th

  • Creating a grounding practice for yourself

  • Manifesting your dreams in the physical realm

  • Building a stronger foundation by starting with your WHY

  • Soul Alignment Rooted Magician Energy System

Module Three- The Wild Creator Center

Build healthy energetic boundaries for you and your clients 

Week of October 15th

  • Setting clear energetic boundaries

  • Creating physical and practical boundaries

  • Expand your trust in the Divine

  • Soul Alignment Wild Creator Energy System

Module Four- The Sovereign Warrior Center

Discover your natural gifts and who you serve 

Week of October 22nd

  • Get clear on who you are at the core

  • Trust your gut in all you do

  • Who is your ideal client and what do they seek?

  • Soul Alignment Sovereign Warrior Energy System

Module Five- The Sacred Midwife Center

How you share your gifts with the world and receive abundance

Week of October 29th

  • Sharing your gifts with the world

  • Valuing what you're worth and accepting it

  • Marketing with love

  • Intuitively pricing your offerings

  • Soul Alignment The Sacred Midwife Energy System

Module Six- The Spell Weaver Center

Soulful expression

Week of November 5th

  • Sharing your authentic message

  • Writing soulful copy

  • Telling your story

  • Soul Alignment Spell Weaver Energy System

Module Seven - The Wise Oracle Center

Embracing and following your intuitive guidance

Week of November 12th

  • Embracing your intuition

  • Following your intuition

  • Sharing your inner vision

  • Soul Alignment Wise Oracle Energy System

Module Eight- The Divine Mystic Center

Sharing the Divine in all you create and how you serve

Week of November 19th

  • Connecting with the Divine

  • Creating with the Divine

  • How you serve with the Divine

  • Soul Alignment Divine Mystic Energy System

  • Soul Alignment Complete Energy System