The Soul Alignment System Session

Transformative Spiritual Mentorship

Alignment through grounding, letting go, truth, energy, vision, and magic.  

Soul Alignment System

Personal Assessment and Implementation

includes 2-60 minute sessions

Take a 2 hour deep dive into aligning your life with your Soul's purpose.

We will use my unique Soul Alignment System to assess the 7 energy centers within your body, in addition to the elemental energy guidance from Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, Below and Spirit.

The energy centers we gather guidance from are the: Foundational Grounding; Passionate Creative; Sovereign Warrior; Sacred Exchange; Powerful Truth; Intuitive Vision and Divine Connection.

The Soul Alignment System-Assessment.png


We will uncover what needs to be worked with to bring you to full state of Soul Alignment with your divine purpose on this Earth.

You will leave this first of two sessions with a clear understanding of the current state of affairs and WHAT needs to shift at this time.

Our follow up session will include the HOW, and processing the guidance further, creating practical and energetic strategies for working with each energy and to give you quantum leaps forward on your Soul Alignment path.