My very first experience with Nicole was at a group retreat for mothers. Looking back, before that retreat - even though I wouldn't have admitted it - I was very afraid; afraid of what others thought of me, afraid of being truly vulnerable and authentic. That retreat was the catalyst for a complete transformation. I had an intuitive reading with Nicole about a month after the retreat where we did some energetic cord cutting and I talked about a business venture I was undertaking. With her encouragement, she gave me the push to really go for it. I took her words to heart and slowly I noticed by allowing myself to be my authentic self and to be vulnerable I was gaining more self-confidence and was more courageous. I showed the world my true self and stopped worrying about what others thought of me. After two other retreats that were co-facilitated by Nicole, I really shed my old self; I am such a different person than the one who stepped into that first retreat with her. I don't recognize that person anymore and want to go back and give her a hug and tell her what an amazing person she is and how she is a such a gift. This transformation wouldn't have sparked without meeting Nicole and  working with her, and for that I am forever grateful.

My intuitive reading I had with Nicole was my first one-on-one experience with her. Her guidance during this reading was what really pushed me to show the world who I really am and what I'm truly capable of. 

Nicole's gentle yet firm guidance was my favorite part about us working together. Her intuition helped guide me to what my own inner knowing already knew but didn't want to, or couldn't,. see. I could feel that she genuinely cared about me and my journey. 

Nicole is like a wise medicine woman who works to transform your energy by helping you find your own way. She sees the light that may be hard for you to find yourself, but with her guiding hand you're able to catch it and learn to make it burn brighter. Her loving, empathetic spirit embraces you as you go on your journey of self-exploration toward finding what your soul's purpose is.// HEIDI LANE


Nicole has the incredible ability of making each person around her feel appreciated and validated. I knew that her workshop would be beautiful and powerful, but I had no idea how life changing it would be. Every moment of clarity, every concern, every desire, was supported and nurtured by Nicole. The space she created for this to take place in was stunning- both visually and spiritually.

Before working with Nicole, my life was a schedule. A to-do list. A never ending guilt trip. I never felt good enough as a mother or wife, and I was unsure of which direction my career as a doula was taking me. Now, I feel empowered. Free. STRONG. I feel as though I have the spiritual tools and strength to love myself, nurture myself, and accomplish more than I ever have. I don't feel the burden of 'mother's guilt'. I have a tremendous amount of clarity, especially regarding my role as a doula. Instead of just doing, I am FEELING again. It's absolutely beautiful. //MALYSSA D.


I worked with Nicole in an Intuitive Coaching session. With her "Hello", I could immediately feel that she was genuine. I am a heart-centered person, and knew that I was speaking with a fellow heart-centered woman. Her voice is soft, warm, welcoming, and calming. We began with a meditation session, which relaxed me (something I am definitely not used to!), and then she led me into our session. She had a legitimate understanding of my questions and energy blocks and was very willing to discuss them. It was nice to be able to speak freely about things that have been holding me back and not feel judged. She also recommended a fantastic book, which I have purchased, but haven't started yet (I will though!). She did draw a card for our call, and the result spoke to me in many areas of my life.  If you have been on the fence about whether or not to work with Nicole, I hope you take the leap and put your faith in her sincere ability to brighten your soul. // STEPHANIE V

My card reading with Nicole was amazing. She guided me through a beautiful, unique meditation which helped me release worries and connect to the divine in a deep meaningful way. Her caring manner put me at ease. She spent a great amount of time connecting to my energy and being sure she was able to deliver a message that would be of assistance to me, she succeed! Her card reading was spot on! Each card she pulled revealed a message that was exactly what I was working on or through. Not only did she explain each message but asked for my input as well. Her genuine and soulful nature and client focus are top notch. Can’t wait to work with her more in the future.
— Kimberly F.
I really loved my reading with Nicole, it summed up perfectly all the things I have been thinking about lately, it was just the guidance and confirmation that I needed right now to help keep me on track. I feel like i’m on the right path and reading from Nicole has really boosted my confidence!
— Vicky D.


My work with Nicole allowed me to connect with my soul and the earth in a way I never thought possible for myself.  Since first working with her about a year and a half ago, my life has done a complete 180 degree shift.  I am now living a more conscious and soulful life, listening to my souls calling and working closely with the energies of the earth.  I believe I have found the path to my true life's purpose and am working ever closer to fulfilling that purpose.  Without Nicole, this journey may have never started for me!

My favorite part about working with Nicole is that it feels like talking to an old friend!  I always feel uplifted after our talks.  She has this magic way of empowering women to feel strong, safe and secure.  I am a better person for having her in my life!

Nicole's intuitive guidance has helped me unlock my intuitive potential - something I did not previously feel a connection to.  Our time together has helped me embrace my shadows and shine my light!

Before working with Nicole, I was a new mom struggling with the question "who am I and where do I go from here?"  After working with Nicole I no longer have those questions.  She has helped me find my true passions in life.  I now am starting my own soulful business working with Earth Medicine, Reiki and Intuitive Healing. Working with Nicole has helped me find my calling in life.  I am a healthier, happier person for having worked with her! // Samantha L.

Nicole’s skills as an intuitive coach really touched my heart and inspired me to make positive changes in my life and in how I treat myself. She is compassionate, warm, and inviting! I felt safe and comfortable like I was talking to a close friend.

Working with Nicole helped me break through some major blocks/resistance I was experiencing in regards to a very challenging situation. This situation had been causing me pain for a long time and I just couldn’t seem to get past it.

I would absolutely recommend Nicole to others seeking intuitive guidance from a kind, compassionate person and a true healer. Her coaching messages, were exactly what I needed to hear, felt peaceful and free in my heart and have made a meaningful, positive impact in my life. I continue to benefit from the calm, sense of inner peace, and deeply profound insights she lovingly provided. I’ve been able to let go of all the resistance that was holding me back and all the tension, stress and anxiety thanks to our session together. I feel better energetically and spiritually which has lead to my feeling better physically too!

Working with Nicole inspired me to reconnect with spiritual practices I’ve neglected, and to incorporate them into my own coaching practice to serve my clients as well. I’m sincerely grateful!
— Kadee C.
I had never had a card reading before this experience, and I was curious but skeptical going into it. Nicole was amazing, though, and a fabulous ‘spirit guide’ for my first experience. She set me at ease with the guided meditation, and the wisdom imparted through the card reading was just wonderful. Meant to be. Serendipity. What Nicole had to say, what she saw in the cards, and how she interpreted it was absolutely spot on for me and where I am in my life right now. I gained some wonderful insight and really feel as if what we discussed has had a profound effect on my life in the weeks since the reading. I couldn’t possibly recommend Nicole more highly.
— Marie G.


Nicole has a beautiful ability to hold space.  Her love and compassion and deep belief in my own Light and gifts was profound and impacted me in ways which I am sure will continue to unfold over time.  The rituals and magic that were entered into created space for me to gently walk into a new energy.  Realisations about myself, my life and my direction were facilitated with grace and wisdom.  My perception and understanding of myself, the world and my place in it have shifted and become more aligned with my souls longing.  It’s as though the whispers of my soul were given form and voice through each session with Nicole and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be held and seen with such love. // Theresa V.

Beginning with a relaxing guided meditation she put me in the right frame of mind and soothed my soul. She asked pertinent questions that made me think about aspects of my life from different angles than usual. I found the session to be a great combination of:
1) questions designed to make me think more deeply and intuitively
2) advice and suggestions for improvement and ways to find peace in my life.
I found it particularly helpful to take notes (and appreciated you prompting me to do this) and will be reviewing these regularly to keep my learning’s in the front of my mind.
— Katie M.
There were so may shifts in my perspective and outward life during our work together, but they all centred around the shift in my belief in my own worth. Once I realised I am worthy I was able to calmly stand up for myself. Taking regular time out for myself, allowing my needs to matter too, being honest with myself about my needs, wants and feelings and being able to express them, renegotiation my relationship with my partner, reconnecting with my intuition.

I really loved the guided meditations during the calls. They gave me so much insight, into my ‘stuff’ and such a feeling of release and freedom as I let it all go.

Working with Nicole was such a profound experience. Her guidance, support and love gave me the courage to take the first scary steps toward being honest and real with myself and making positive, lasting change in my life.

Before - Full of Self Doubt, Overwhelmed, Hopeless, Angry, Afraid, Confused, Alone, Sad, Defeated, STUCK!?
After - Inspired, Alive, Excited (Happy Scared!), Joyful, At Peace With Myself, Worthy
— Seeley Kerr


I would say that clarity is one of the biggest things.  More clarity, more confidence, more inspiration and flow.  I got way more clear on what it is that I'm actually doing and what my offerings are.  When I started the mastermind I had a vague and general idea of what I wanted to offer and what I was going to call myself and over the course of the program that became way more clear and defined in a way that felt very soul aligned.

I loved the bi-weekly calls and having one of them being a guest teacher and the other one being just our mastermind group.  I loved the diversity of what was offered.  I really enjoyed having one-on-one monthly coaching calls to help personalize the journey and experience.  I also really appreciate how you called in the directions with each of our callsand bring about that earthy, shamanistic, earth mamma, juicy goodness! 

Nicole has a beautiful and in depth understanding of the birthing process whether you're birthing a baby or birthing a business.  She created a platform for birthing a soul based business that allowed for the natural birthing and gestation process to take place in a very organic and supportive way.  I felt held, nurtured and guided over the course of our time working together.  I went from having a vague idea of what I was even doing to finding total clarity on my purpose and mission within my biz.  

Before working together I'd say that I was pretty shy and timid around what it was that I was even doing and offering.  I had a vague idea and sense, but didn't really feel that deep soul resonate "Yes!  This is what I'm all about and this is my offering to the world!"  Through our time together and journeying through the chakras each month, I now have clarity and a whole new point of focus.  During one of our very first mastermind calls was where I got my big aha moment and realized the work that I was being called to offer.  Over the following months I gained a tremendous amount of clarity and inspiration around my offerings.  I feel like it was a very transformative journey that helped to lay a solid foundation for me to continue to build and grow upon. // Cree C.