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Each reading takes about 6 hours to complete.  I cultivate sacred space, connect to your personal energy, and draw a tarot card for each month of the year.  These are all pulled with the intention of how you can step into your personal Medicine and share your Magic with the world in the year ahead.  

The cards act as your personal guide to planning, while knowing what to expect and be aware of each month as you step more fully into the life of your dreams.

A companion Spirit animal is drawn for each month as well, so you have specific animal medicine to work with and supplement your sacred inner and outer journey through your year.  

  • You are looking to step more fully into your soul gifts (I call this your personal medicine)

  • You are wanting to plan your year ahead from a place of crystal clear vision

  • You are someone who longs to feel more connected to yourself

  • You are seeking more magic in your life

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Each reading is personalized and custom-crafted to what shows up in the cards

You will receive your personal month-by-month report within 21 days straight to your inbox (approximately 17 pages of magic and clarity with a picture of your cards for each month)

Two theme cards will be drawn as the overall focus for your year

A photograph, like the one pictured at the top of this page, for you to refer to throughout the year.


Your Investment: $266


I am here to support you in bringing your magic and medicine out more fully in the year to come.  Will you let me?

All love. All Soul!