Befriending Death to Truly Live Retreat

Dia de los Muertos

Oaxaca City, mexico

October 2019

Come explore the colonial city of Oaxaca known for its Dia de los Muetros celebration.

This city holds the perfect festive spirit to spend time diving deep and taking a good hard look at death in the eyes.

So much of our culture keeps death in the shadows and refuses to speak about it for fear of inviting it in.

What if each day of your life, you invited death to the conversation?……

Am I doing what I am meant to do? Am I living the life I want to? Am I following my path and purpose?

How might your life look different?

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We will find the perfect balance of spending time with death and celebrating life in this vibrant city.

Witness the transformation of Oaxaca City come to life with altars, music and celebrations honoring those that have passed.

Time will be spent to process the grief held onto and ways to release it.

We will discover what our wishes are for the worst case scenarios so our friends and family aren’t left to try to decide for us. Walking away with a written Advance Directive to give to loved ones.

Time will be spent to process the grief held onto and ways to release it.

Upon departing our time together, a Power of Attorney will be in hand and ready to be notarized with your wishes made clear.

Through out our journey we will spend be immersed in the sacred; exploring ancient sites, rituals, food and drink that this amazing city has to offer.  

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