What is Medicine Keepers?


Medicine Keepers is a year of Soul-Discovery through the seasons.  Each season, I will bring you ancient and modern wisdom to build your Spiritual toolbox for yourself and your clients.  Through the year we will work with energetics tools including:  gathering vision and insight, grounding, protection, journeying for healing of self and others.  

Each Season will focus on the place in the Native American medicine wheel where we will dive into many of the mystical arts known for bringing healing, guidance and clarity to those who study and use them.   

Medicine Keepers is transitioning to a digital course

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My work with Nicole allowed me to connect with my soul and the earth in a way I never thought possible for myself.  Since first working with her about a year and a half ago, my life has done a complete 180 degree shift.  I am now living a more conscious and soulful life, listening to my souls calling and working closely with the energies of the earth.  I believe I have found the path to my true life's purpose and am working ever closer to fulfilling that purpose.  Without Nicole, this journey may have never started for me! // Samantha Long - Soulfully Authentic