No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.-Maya Mendoza

Does one of these resonate with you?

  • Are you searching to discover the gifts you hold within yourself?
  • Are you ready to throw away the many masks you wear each and every day? 
  • Are you ready to reclaim and shine the light that is only dimly burning inside of you?
  • Are you ready to deeply and thoroughly love yourself? Warts, cellulite, inner bitch and all!
  • Do you know something is missing in your life and you can't even put your finger on what it is?
  • Are you sick and tired of playing nice, trying to fit in when everything inside of you is screaming for something different?  Something real?
  • Are you seeking what's next for you, but can't seem to find the path forward?

If so...
then join me in my Holy Ground Sessions

What is your Holy Ground?

It's the internal and external landscape of your life.  Your sacred space.

The place you feel safe, whole, authentic, and grounded.  

6 sessions

8 weeks together

60 minutes each

Holy Ground work between sessions

Holy Ground Session #1: Find your Holy Ground

We will dig into the Earth of your daily life and discover what truly lights up your Soul.  We'll unearth what your priorities are for the next 3 months to set the tone for what lies ahead in our work together. This directs us towards your own Holy Ground that we will cultivate in the sessions ahead.  

Holy Ground Session #2: Confront your shadows

It is time to release the power your shadows hold over you.  Looking under the rocks and in the dark, hidden corners of your life, we'll discover the things that you believe make you unlovable.  You know that thought that runs through your head:  "If they only knew this or that, they would never still love me."  We will spend time exploring the gifts that your shadows hold and how to use them to your advantage, so that they don't show up unexpectedly, at the wrong place and the wrong time. These have been keeping you small, from fully embracing your Soul's Medicine, and from living on your Holy Ground for far too long. 

  • A week of integration is built in here to implement the process

Holy Ground Session #3: Detangle your energetic cords

You have long-held beliefs about yourself that likely came from someone else. Parents, friends, old lovers, grandparents, and peers have put their old baggage onto you, forcing you to carry it around, connecting their energy to yours, which is sucking your authenticity right out of you.  We will detangle those energetic cords and clear any energy leaks that are stealing away your own divine power. This is clearing the path so you can see more clearly the direction foward to that Holy Ground you long to live on.  

Holy Ground Session #4: Revoke your contracts

We have all made promises and contracts in this life, and past lives, that are detrimental to our soul's current growth.  Contracts of poverty, shame, betrayal, entitlement, disempowerment...the list can go on and on.  We will spend this session working through and revoking known and unknown contracts that you have made that are holding you back.  This is a powerful exercise that you will likely remember for years to come. It feels like taking your life back in a whole new way as you pull the final weeds from the Sacred Garden of your life.

  • A 2nd week of integration is built in here to implement the process

Holy Ground Session #5: Discover your joy

Once the weeds have been removed from your holy Earth, planting seeds of joy comes next.  Where has it been?  Where did you lose it? Do you know how you would spend your life if money was no object?  What did you enjoy doing as a child? The answers to those questions were likely blooming flowers that were removed from your life at some point.  It is time to place each flower seed with intention on your Holy Ground to craft the life you have been desiring for far too long.  

Holy Ground Session #6: Claim your gifts

We have tended to the garden of your life over the last 7 weeks, cleared out the old and planted seeds for the new.  No more playing small in this life, YOUR life.  You will be witnessed in your gifts and the raw beauty of who you truly are, these are you Super Powers.  This is your Soul Medicine, and it guides you forward to stand firmly on your Holy Ground from here. 


Nicole has a beautiful ability to hold space.  Her love and compassion and deep belief in my own Light and gifts was profound and impacted me in ways which I am sure will continue to unfold over time.  The rituals and magic that were entered into created space for me to gently walk into a new energy.  Realisations about myself, my life and my direction were facilitated with grace and wisdom.  My perception and understanding of myself, the world and my place in it have shifted and become more aligned with my souls longing.  It’s as though the whispers of my soul were given form and voice through each session with Nicole and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be held and seen with such love. // Theresa Voight



I dive in and get my hands dirty in this process, right along with you

Working with Nicole was such a profound experience. Before our sessions I felt overwhelmed, confused, alone, & defeated. Her guidance, support and love gave me the courage to take the first scary steps toward being honest and real with myself and making positive change in my life. I’ve closed down a business that my heart wasn’t in anymore and begun creating something that makes my soul sing, my partner & I have renegotiated our relationship and are closer than ever and I am excited about the future.
— Seeley Kerr

It is finally time to find your Holy Ground


One time payment - $1111

Four payments of $288