Before we work together,
Let me ask you...

What truth has been running your world for far too long?

What keeps you grounded in life?

Are you ready to be truly seen?

These three questions become the path forward to move past our limiting beliefs, return to our soul’s truth, and discover our own unique medicine that we have to offer the world.  

Get Grounded & Bloom:
The Soul Medicine Sessions

Transformative Spiritual Mentorship with Nicole Marie

Alignment through grounding, letting go, truth, energy, vision, and magic.  


I serve the light, but I am not your typical light worker. 

I believe that our wholeness lives in our shadows just as much as our light.  

As a Midwife to your Soul, I hold space for you like any good midwife would. 

I allow you to unfold in your own space and in your own time.  

I seek to empower you to discover your own truths and to navigate your own way.

It will feel like connecting with a friend you have always known, yet I offer safe space, reflection and confidentiality.  What is said during our time together, stays in that space.  


During these individual one-on-one sessions,
I am the muse for Spirit to speak to you.

What may happen during these sessions: 

  • Charka and Organ Assessment to discover the quickest path forward to healing
  • Connection with a Spirit Animal that wants to work with you at this time in your life
  • Creation of a custom ritual to ground and center you in your daily life
  • Discovering what is blocking you from seeing your truth and your gifts
  • Card reading to see where you have been, where you are, and where you are going  
  • Energetic protection work

(If you have a sense of what you are most needing ahead of time, please mention that when you book your session)

Are you:

  • feeling overwhelmed?
  • struggling to find your path in life?
  • wanting to create change in the world?
  • a business owner and feeling stuck with what to offer next?
  • highly sensitive?
  • trying to find your own Spiritual path?

During our sacred time together, we gather virtually where you will receive intuitive guidance, sacred tools for healing, and creative assignments.

Let’s get grounded and bloom together.

Wanna get grounded? -

Single Soul Medicine Session

Wanna Bloom? -

6 Soul Medicine Sessions

for those ready to make a deep commitment to themselves

Money’s tight? 

I  totally got you, Sister!

Once a month, I gift a free 45 minute session to someone who needs my support and otherwise can’t afford it.  To apply, click connect below and answer the three questions at at the top of the page.  These spots fill quickly, so I can’t guarantee anything, but it is always worth a shot.