Birth a business

that ENERGIZES and DRIVES you.

Right from the beginning. 

Using the principles of the Divine Feminine...

Does your life currently sound like this...

Throw the alarm against the wall every morning it goes off.

Drag yourself to the coffee pot to head to a job you don't love.

Spend all your time and energy on someone else's dream. 

Push yourself all day long to do this and tick off that.

Shove down the deep desire to do your own thing, your own way.

Well, it's great, for those driven by the vein of the masculine and those willing to sacrifice their dreams.

But you...YOU want to make massive impact on the world. 

And the hustle isn't sustainable. 

You are ready for a new way, connecting with your own divine feminine rhythms.

Make this the YEAR....

Fear doesn't hold you back in your life or business for one more second.

Start living your life, your way.  Big dreams and all. 

Your divine gifts are no longer hidden from you or the world. 

Finally, birth to your business idea (or get clarity about what that even is) from conception, to gestation, to labor and birthing it into the world.

This is your time if, you:

  • Are ready to build a life around your gifts.
  • Feel done with the masculine-dominated business advice.
  • Long for support from a powerful community.
  • Desire to move through any fear of standing fully in your power and gifts.
  • Know you are meant to serve.
  • Are ready to share your passion and purpose with the world.
  • Want to claim a life of unlimited freedom and earning potential.
  • Desire to be of the highest service to the world around you.
  • Want a business that fits around your schedule and your commitments in life.

Are you reading this and saying, "YES! to one or more of these questions?" 

Welcome to the Earth Changers Mastermind

Curious about joining us in 2018?  Space is still available for you.

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journey for 9 lunar cycles,
from The New Moon on April 15th 2018

to The full Moon on December 22nd 2018

As humans, we gestate for 9 months.  During that time, our babies grow as we birth ourselves into motherhood.  Being a former midwife, my life is in tune with this cycle and it is a natural cycle of creation to tap into.  

Gather for 9 lunar cycles, birthing yourself and your life's vision anew with the support of a like-minded community by your side.  

This is cosmic magic of the deepest depths in easy to understand guidance, easily applied to your everyday life.  

Intention, manifestation and magic lead the way through our journey together.


Nicole has a beautiful and in depth understanding of the birthing process whether you're birthing a baby or birthing a business.  She created a platform for birthing a soul based business that allowed for the natural birthing and gestation process to take place in a very organic and supportive way.  I felt held, nurtured and guided over the course of our time working together.  I went from having a vague idea of what I was even doing to finding total clarity on my purpose and mission within my biz.  

Before working together I'd say that I was pretty shy and timid around what it was that I was even doing and offering.  I had a vague idea and sense, but didn't really feel that deep soul resonate "Yes!  This is what I'm all about and this is my offering to the world!"  Through our time together and journeying through the chakras each month, I now have clarity and a whole new point of focus.  During one of our very first mastermind calls was where I got my big aha moment and realized the work that I was being called to offer.  Over the following months I gained a tremendous amount of clarity and inspiration around my offerings.  I feel like it was a very transformative journey that helped to lay a solid foundation for me to continue to build and grow upon. // Cree Cox - Menstrual Maven & Lifestyle Mentor

Each month, we'll focus on aligning you, your business, and your soul so that what you create isn't just a "business", but a soul-filled MOVEMENT of Earthly proportions.

  • April - Calling in Your Desires
  • May - Root Chakra: Get clear on your Why and your Soul's Purpose
  • June - Sacral Chakra: Build healthy energetic boundaries for you and your clients
  • July - Solar Plexus Chakra: Discover your natural gifts and who you serve
  • August - Heart Chakra: Connecting to how you share your gifts with the world and embracing sacred commerce
  • September - Throat Chakra: Explore how share who you are with the world by writing copy based on your authentic message
  • October - Third Eye Chakra: Embracing and following your intuitive guidance
  • November - Crown Chakra: Sharing the Divine in all you create and how you serve
  • December - Gratitude and Reflection

Along the way:

  • Rituals and Sacredness – Master the art of Ritual, Sacredness, Connection, and Heart+Soul so that you, your life, and business create from this place of magic.  

  • Soul Discovery – Develop your Soul Compass for all your decision making, so that your choices will be aligned with your Soul. 

  • Tarot and Oracle Cards - Discover how to use these transformational tools as a way to cut through the mind chatter to gather wisdom and direction.  No experience with Tarot or Oracle Cards is necessary.

  • Creating Sacred Space – Create Sacred Space anywhere, anytime. I work with a variety of spiritual practices, the main one being Shamanism.  This allows space for the beliefs you may bring, as well.  In this space, I will also show you how to bring more ritual and ceremony into your daily life.  Discovering your Power Animal may even happen along the way. 

  • Chakra Exploration with Monthly Chakra and Organ Assessments– Ground and explore your life and business through each of the Chakra energies and discover what energy you most need to keep you moving forward in making your impact on the world.  

  • Online Business Basics with Soul - Create a business right from the start that feels good to give birth to.  Discover which website platform to use, how to create a sales page that doesn't feel slimy, writing copy that comes from the heart, and how to share your message with the world. 

  • Divine Feminine Business Experts- Create a soul-based business and how to harness our power as women will be explored with special guests each month, focused on our intention.  Our guests included a magical copywriter, an intuitive web designer, a wild WHY creatrix, , a bad ass diva owning all of who she is (Solar Plexus, baby!), a heart-based leader, the period coach (working with our cycle as our source of power and creation), and a channeling maven.  

Your divine feminine experts include: 

  • Gather for 9 months in an intimate sacred community
  • Private Facebook community for Support, Guidance, Clarity, Masterminding and more
  • Accountability Partner will keep you focused and taking divine action each week
  • 1 90 minute One-On-One Session to set your intention and ground your journey ahead
  • 1 60 minute One-on-One Session each  trimester (a total of 3) to nurture and support your unfolding as an Earth Changer
  • Monthly Earth Changers Guide Book full of guidance, ritual, book of the month recommendation, soul work for your life and business.
  • A Monthly Chakra and Organ Assessment with specific focus on the month you will be exploring ahead
  • 2 Live Calls Monthly delivering ritual, direction, healing, intentions, connection and special Divine Feminine Business Experts each month who will share how business building from our feminine essence becomes our Super Power!


LIFE LONG ACCESS TO FUTURE CALLS IN THE YEARS AHEAD.  Once you are an Earth Changer, you are in for life.  This gives you support from the group and the ability to come back over and over again as you dive deeper into your business each year.  This is an investment that keeps giving back to you, year after year. 

What you leave with:

  • Lifelong, supportive Community
  • Master your Soulful Life and Business
  • Spiritual tools to carry with you moving forward in life and business
  • Know you are an Earth Changer and sharing your wisdom in multiple ways
  • Honoring your Divinity, your Sovereignty, and your Unique Gifts
  • Confidence in who you are, loving every bit of you
  • Your life, your way, on your own time

Your Investment:  $3333

Goddess Experience



  • Complete Mastermind experience above  
  • Weekly personal email check ins
  • Bi-weekly 60 minute One on One Sessions (instead of only quarterly)
  • Unlimited email access

Total Investment $6666


Thank you, Nicole, for your love and focus on the sacred. As I was learning about building my art business you reminded me to listen to myself as someone who is powerful and has the inner wisdom to move forward and trust myself, and my intuition. Before this program I kept my interest and love of shamanism, law of attraction, and gemstones hidden. I felt embarrassed about this side of me and didn’t want to be perceived as strange or “woo woo”. After my year with you, I’m completely comfortable being me, sharing who I am and I’ve learned that this is a strength. It may not be for everyone but certainly for the people who would be interested in my work. I enjoyed the monthly business expert calls, everyone without exception seemed to have a focus on doing the inner work and creating a business offering from a place of soul and authenticity. I know now, this is the only place my business needs to emerge and grow from.  In addition, I learned about the functional aspects to business like copy writing, branding and web design which was important for me too. But the key was I learned about these functional aspects of running a business from you and your chosen expert’s perspective - which was infused with soul, and with a focus on serving the world in a way that true. // Nichole Crawford - Artist of Magic 

Still not sure if the Earth Changers Mastermind is right for you?

 Let’s talk about it.  



In love and light!