Befriending Death to Truly Live Retreat

Dia de los Muertos

Oaxaca City, Mexico

October 22nd-29th 2019

This city holds the perfect festive spirit to spend time diving deep and taking a good hard look at Death in the eyes.

So much of our culture keeps death in the shadows and refuses to speak about it for fear of inviting it in.

What if each day of your life, you invited death to the conversation?……

Am I doing what I am meant to do? Am I living the life I want to? Am I following my path and purpose?

How might your life look different?

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We will find the perfect balance of spending time with death and celebrating life in this vibrant city.

Witness the transformation of Oaxaca City as it comes to life with altars, music and celebrations honoring those that have passed.

Time will be spent in daily Death Cafe conversations befriending death, with adventures in and around the city in the remaining time.

Daily topics will include: releasing the grief held onto over the years; personal thoughts and beliefs around death; what a “good” death looks like; wishes and desires for how we want to be celebrated; and how to fully live each day with our friend, Death, by our side.

We will explore what our wishes are for the various scenarios so our friends and family aren’t left to try to decide for us. Throughout the week we will complete many needed documents to ease the burden on our loved ones for when the inevitable occurs.

Upon departing our time together, you will have these tangible items to return home with:

  • a durable Power of Attorney will be in hand and ready to be notarized with your wishes made clear.

  • A living document with your wishes for how you want your body processed after death and what you want the memorial or funeral service to look like.

  • An advance directive complete with your wishes for what life sustaining treatment you wish to have should you ever need it.

  • Information collected and documented that is needed for a the time a death certificate is warranted.

What adventures there will be…..

Daily adventures that will engage your senses as we explore this magical city.

We will walk the streets of Oaxaca tasting and discovering the magical elixer, they call Mezcal. Take a step back through time to explore the well known Monte Alban and other sacred archeological sites of the Zapotec people. Watch local artists who make black clay pottery in their homes. Visit the Abrelia Art Studio where Pixar spent a few years studying the culture and lives of the Oaxcana people, which the movie Coco is based on. Explore the city as altars are built in every window, shop, corner and square. Honor the celebratory culture with a visit to a local cemetery. Wrapping up our experience together with a 7 course meal that will entice our senses and leave us feeling full of life and grateful to be alive.

All the included goodies:

  • 8 days, 7 nights luxury shared accommodations

  • Daily homemade breakfast @ Agrado Guest House

  • 2 lunches on excursion days

  • Daily 2 course dinners @ the Agrado Guest House

  • Daily workshops focused on grief, death and fully living

  • Daily yoga class {optional}

  • Day trips to black clay artists, art studio, Monte Alban, other archelogical sites

  • Cultural experiences such as a city walk and market tour

  • Therapeutic massage with traditional Zapotec Healer

  • Final night, 9 course dinner party at EL DESTILADO

  • Transportation, guides, and entrance fees for day trips

  • Group airport transfers to & from Agrado House
    (within designated time frames)

  • Daily gratuity for services at Agrado House

  • Toolkit for honoring your life

What’s not included:

  • Airfare or other transportation to/from Oaxaca

  • Transportation outside of retreat activities

  • 4 lunches ($15 or less per meal)

  • Alcoholic beverages outside of mexcal tasting

  • Optional activities during any free time

  • Trip insurance, which is strongly recommended (we like World Nomads)

Also, due to venue and energetic commitments, registrations are non-refundable.  You can read the full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.

Through out our journey we will spend be immersed in the sacred; exploring ancient sites, rituals, food and drink that this amazing city has to offer.  

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