Want to be a Spell Weaver?


Beautiful Soul....

One of the most powerful things I have learned in the past year is the impact our language has on reality. 

We are each gifted with free will to make choices and to do as we choose in this life. When you combine free will with the divine law that we get what we ask for, life truly becomes what we make of it. 

This applies to the internal voice and the thoughts that run through our mind. Yet it also applies to the words we speak out loud each and every moment. 

If we say, internally or externally: 

  • "Things are always so hard for me."

  • "You have to work hard for your money."

  • "Nothing comes without hard work." 

  • "Everything is a struggle." 

  • "If I don't do it myself, no one else is gonna do it"

You can certainly bet that is what we are gonna get. 

That is free will and the universal law of attraction at its finest. Or not so finest, right?! 

This is Spell Weaving. 

It is what I think of when I hear the term, "Casting Spells."

Each and every moment of our lives we get to choose what reality we want to create. Good. Bad. Magical. Or challenging. The power is in our hands, or the throat, really.

What is the Spell Weaver Power Center all about? 

A Spell Weaver knows what reality it longs to create and use the power of words to manifest that into reality. 

The Spell Weaver energy trusts in the Universe to give back what the Spell Weaver asks for. 

By honoring the Spell Weaver within us we are able to tap into the power we hold with each spoken word and each thought that comes into our mind. 

The Spell Weaver is diligent and mindful when speaking and knows the pathway to shifting and correcting thoughts that are keeping them stuck in a cycle that isn't serving them. 

A Spell Weaver knows how to shift their everyday reality and to make their dreams come true.  

Have you caught on to the secret yet? 

The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them.

They may be sleeping, but they are there patiently waiting for you to WAKE UP! 

What else is it going to take for you to finally dig in and do this important work to be your full self? 

It is time, love.

xx Nicole

Are you a Sacred Midwife?

Sacred Midwife-2.jpg

What image do you see in your mind when I say the word midwife?

Do you see someone wearing a long flowing skirt waiting patiently by a bedside wiping the brow of a woman in labor?  

Do you see someone wearing Birkenstocks and socks that loves to hug trees?  

Being an atypical midwife where none of these stereotypes fit for me, there is still an essence of truthful energy that lives in those images above.  

A couple centuries ago, midwives were the ones that held space and tended to the those at the gateways of life.  Birth and death.  They held space for the in between by supporting the sick with herbs and tonics.   

What is the Sacred Midwife Power Center all about?

A Sacred Midwife patiently holds space for creation, while also knowing when pushing is needed. This energy is connected to the whole web of life and knows that what is done to one is done to all. By honoring the Sacred Midwife within us we are able to tap into our own energy of creation and hold sacred space for what wants to come into this world through us. By holding deep empathy for the suffering seen in the world solutions are created to alleviate that suffering. These solutions become the containers for how we offer our heart and gifts to the world. The containers are the various ways we take in energy (aka money) for our service to the world. This could be one-on-one work, group programs, products, art, etc. It is the way to share your divine uniqueness with the world. A Sacred Midwife also knows when it is time to let go and release something that isn't working.

Have you caught on to the secret yet? The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them. They may be sleeping, but they are there patiently waiting for you to WAKE UP! What else is it going to take for you to finally dig in and do this important work to be your full self? It is time, love.

xx Nicole

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PPS Have you missed the other two Power Centers?Read about the Rooted Magician here. Read about the Wild Creator here. Read about the Sovereign Warrior here.

My favorite Fall things...


Hey love!

What season do you love and feel most supported by?

For me, Fall nourishes me on so many levels. As an introvert (YES! I am one of those!) I love when nature turns inward granting me external permission to hunker down and go in as well. 

This weekend I have nourished myself in many ways.

We had a friend over for dinner Friday night, with some delightful nourishment through deep connections with others. Yesterday morning, I made a big batch of sweet potato hash to start testing out a bit of carb cycling (I have eating keto since January and my carb cravings, which have been mostly non-existent since starting Keto, have resurfaced in the last couple weeks, so I am listening to my body and giving it some increased carbs every few days to see if it will settle down). Pumpkin scented candles have been burning all weekend, bringing the element of fire into the home and our hearts. Vetiver and orange essential oils have been diffusing to ground and uplift us. I made a rosemary garlic roast for dinner last night with some roasted garlic mashed cauliflower. A batch of bone broth was made in the instant bot with left over chicken bones from dinner Friday night so I had a steaming cup of it before bed last night with a squeeze of fresh lime. Yum!

This morning we had a date planned to walk on the ferry to head over to our favorite little town, Port Townsend, for the day. But, both ferries are out of service so plans swiftly changed. I spent the morning curled up in bed with a steaming mug of french roast coffee exploring theFall Ritual that I crafted for you yesterday.  I made some low carb Mexican chicken soup with the bone broth so I have some breakfast soup this week, and I have a french press steeping with an herbal infusion of oat straw, chamomile, lemon balm and peppermint to sip on through the day. In a bit, we are heading out to hang in our own sweet little town and might see a movie at the old, tiny, one-movie theater. 

Knowing everything happens in divine timing and for a reason, the change in our plans allowed me time to connect with you. Some of my favorite people!

Today, I felt like someone out there needed to hear this. 

Perhaps it is you or someone you know (if so, forward this on to them). 

I wanted to share the secret I have learned over the last 4 years, that we have everything we need inside of ourselves. 

Take a moment and breathe that truth in. Let me say it again....You have everything you need inside of yourself!

You hold the ability to open each Power Center. 

Only you can unlock them, because only you have the keys. 

One of my keys was seeking and embracing the feeling of freedom. 

It is the foundation that Earth Soul Medicine is built upon. It give me the power and permission to alter my course, change what needs changing and to give from my heart each and every day. 

And because I love having freedom so much, I want to make sure you have the freedom to change and shift whatever isn't working in your life. 

This happens when you know to the depth of your core that you hold the keys for your own transformation and healing!

You hold the keys to get from where you are now to life you dream of. 

You hold the keys to unlock each of the Power Centers within you. 

You ARE: 

  • The Rooted Magician

  • The Wild Creator

  • The Sovereign Warrior

  • The Sacred Midwife

  • The Spell Weaver

  • The Wise Oracle

  • and...The Divine Mystic

You have the choice to unlock and step into each of these Power Centers that will shift how you show up forever. 

When these Power Centers are activated, all your doubts will crumble. Confidence and clarity take it's place. 

Each of these Power Centers have a healing component, so not only will you be activating each of them, you will be healing old wounds and scars along the way. 

You will leave the 8 week Immersion in the Soul Alignment System understanding how to work with energy, how to access your own Power Centers, how to shift your energy, how to heal your own energy and how to share this work with others. 

This creates a ripple effect of healing, starting with you! How powerful is that?

Letting Spirit Lead the Way

As I shared earlier, I love the freedom to choose. In doing so, I am human and sometimes my mere humanness gets in the way of what is meant to be. I REALLY wanted to start the 8 week immersion back in August. Then I pushed it to September, and Spirit finally had to practically yell at me to give me the aligned timing for the journey. 

So with Spirit's blessing and encouragement, The Soul Alignment System Immersion begins on October 1st. 

This makes sense with Fall energy. Fall is about going inward, letting go and finding our flow. This system will do all of that and give you the keys to your own healing journey. 

All the registration details are here!

Okay, beautiful soul. I am here, holding space as the midwife that I am. 

It is up to you to birth your dream, your clarity and your Power Centers. 

This is your time. 

Huge love!

xx Nicole

A Fall ritual to nourish your soul


Hello Beloved…

Fall has arrived swiftly. The leaves are starting to turn. The pumpkins are swelling with pride in their radiant orange. The squirrels are stacking up the last of their Winter stores.

How does the transition of seasons feel to you? Are you someone that navigates change with ease, or do you fight it kicking and screaming? How can you allow yourself to fall gracefully into Fall this year?

Sit outside for 20-30 minutes. Allow yourself to notice the feel of air on your skin. Notice the colors that swirl around you. Listen to the sounds of the animals. Smell the decaying leaves and earth preparing to go inward.

Begin the journey inward with intent this year by using this Fall ritual I created just for you.

See what a difference it makes in your attitude and your mood in the season ahead.


May you feel deeply supported and nourished this Fall. If you need support on your inward journey, I am here. Contact me anytime.

XX Nicole

Are you a Sovereign Warrior?


What is the Sovereign Warrior Power Center?

Today, we talk about one of my favorite Power Centers.

A few years ago when I began working with and understanding energy, this is the Power Center I got stuck on the longest. It is the one that most of us have significant healing work to do.

It is the place we have held onto all the “Should’s”, “Have to’s” and “Need to’s” that have been placed on us by this human experience. We all have them and until we release them, we are bound up tight and living lives we didn’t choose for ourselves. This creates an energy of disempowerment that keeps us small and '“in our place”, so to speak.

But, who wants that? Not I.

It is one of reasons I chose to shave my head back in January. It was the last BIG thing I wanted to do to release myself from the bad case of the “should’s” in my life, after years of healing this big Power Center.

What is the Sovereign Warrior Power Center all about?

A Sovereign Warrior is sure and centered. You know the truth of who you are and what matters most to you. You stand tall when you enter a room and will not back down when it comes to things that are important to you. You will fiercely fight for all you believe in. You are willing to take up as much space as you need to be your full self. You are willing to explore the '“truths” you have been taught over the years to uncover what is true for you and how you will live your life based on them. You are deeply connected to those around you and willing to be vulnerable and ask for help (not what you would typically think of when talking about Warrior energy, but strength comes from knowing when to ask for help).

Have you caught on the secret yet? The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them. They may be sleeping, but they are there patiently waiting for you to WAKE UP! What else is it going to take for you to finally dig in and do this important work to be your full self?

It is time, love.

xx Nicole

PS For those that are ready, join me here in the Soul Alignment System Immersion