Want to be a Wise Oracle?


Hey love....

I don't mean to be blunt, but how well do you trust yourself? 

Every moment our bodies are processing information on multiple levels. 

All of our senses are meant to be used for gathering information...yet we often are taught to ignore, to not give as much credit to some of our senses, or to place more importance on some vs others. That doesn't even bring the 6th sense into the conversation. 

The 6th sense is the ability to have extrasensory perception or telepathy. 

Can I give you a good hard truth? 

We all have the ability to tap into the 6th sense and to build our strength and trust in it. 

We will be building our senses in.....

The Soul Alignment System which begins Monday!

What is the Wise Oracle Power Center all about? 

A Wise Oracle expects sign and symbols to become markers on the Soul's path. 

The Wise Oracle trusts in all of their sense to bring knowledge and information in and knows exactly what to do with the information. 

The 6th sense is what the Wild Oracle is. They take all of the information from all of their senses and trust in what they are being given. They look to their night dreams, day dreams, visions, intuition, and their senses for information. Everyone receives knowing differently and every way is valid. Information may come in by hearing, sensing, seeing, feeling or a combination of them. The Wise Oracle knows to trust, digest, decipher and strengthen each of these senses to grow their Oracle abilities. 

A Wise Oracle trusts themselves, above any other. 

Have you caught on to the secret yet? 

The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them.

You hold the Power and only you hold the key to unlocking them. 

I want to show you were the keys are and empower you to do this yourself. 

This gives you the tools to come back to them again and again whenever you get knocked off course. 

Time is running out to sign up.....

The Soul Alignment System which begins Monday!

xx Nicole