Want to be a Spell Weaver?


Beautiful Soul....

One of the most powerful things I have learned in the past year is the impact our language has on reality. 

We are each gifted with free will to make choices and to do as we choose in this life. When you combine free will with the divine law that we get what we ask for, life truly becomes what we make of it. 

This applies to the internal voice and the thoughts that run through our mind. Yet it also applies to the words we speak out loud each and every moment. 

If we say, internally or externally: 

  • "Things are always so hard for me."

  • "You have to work hard for your money."

  • "Nothing comes without hard work." 

  • "Everything is a struggle." 

  • "If I don't do it myself, no one else is gonna do it"

You can certainly bet that is what we are gonna get. 

That is free will and the universal law of attraction at its finest. Or not so finest, right?! 

This is Spell Weaving. 

It is what I think of when I hear the term, "Casting Spells."

Each and every moment of our lives we get to choose what reality we want to create. Good. Bad. Magical. Or challenging. The power is in our hands, or the throat, really.

What is the Spell Weaver Power Center all about? 

A Spell Weaver knows what reality it longs to create and use the power of words to manifest that into reality. 

The Spell Weaver energy trusts in the Universe to give back what the Spell Weaver asks for. 

By honoring the Spell Weaver within us we are able to tap into the power we hold with each spoken word and each thought that comes into our mind. 

The Spell Weaver is diligent and mindful when speaking and knows the pathway to shifting and correcting thoughts that are keeping them stuck in a cycle that isn't serving them. 

A Spell Weaver knows how to shift their everyday reality and to make their dreams come true.  

Have you caught on to the secret yet? 

The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them.

They may be sleeping, but they are there patiently waiting for you to WAKE UP! 

What else is it going to take for you to finally dig in and do this important work to be your full self? 

It is time, love.

xx Nicole