Want to be a Divine Mystic?

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Because I love you and want to diminish suffering in the world....It is time for some real, hard truths

To get straight to the point...suffering is optional.  

There have been times in my life where I was deeply 'suffering' internally.  

Debilitating depression, anxiety, and panic attacks left me in a place of feeling lost, confused, and hopeless.  I wondered if this is all there was in life.  

During those times, I wished someone had thrown me a life preserver to guide me out of where I was.  

Over the years, I have talked to many people who had similar experiences.  There was a one thing we all had in common during those times of 'suffering'.  Not a single one of us was living our purpose.  

I share this story because I know I spent years of feeling lost and wasn't living my purpose before I fell into that place of 'suffering'.  

I saw signs, was offered a hand, and sometimes knew what needed to change but I stubbornly pursued the expectations either put upon me or that I had placed on myself.  

I bet you can guess how well that all worked out....

Perhaps you can relate to this story....or maybe you aren't 'suffering' that bad, yet.  

Let me circle around to my initial point. Suffering is optional.  

This is me, reaching out a hand, giving you a sign, and showing you a different path.  The path out of feeling lost, confused or hopeless to living your purpose.  

Subtle energetic shits, healing practices and guidance are waiting for you in The Soul Alignment System.  

It is for all of us seeking to align our human experience with our Soul's purpose.  

The Soul Alignment System begins Monday!

What is the Divine Mystic Power Center all about? 

A Divine Mystic sees the webs of connection as humans and souls.  

The Divine Mystic knows the power of intention and trusts in their ability to conduct the Universe in their favor towards their highest good.  

They hold what is of the highest benefit for all at the forefront of their mind.  Connecting to a higher power regularly and allow themselves to be guided by their well-ancestors, angels, guides and spirit animals.  They feel the magic of the Rooted Magician, the creativity of the Wild Creator, the power of the Sovereign Warrior, the warmth of the Sacred Midwife, the truth of the Spell Weaver, and the deep knowing of the Wise Oracle.  Their connection with all the other Power Centers allow  them to conduct their life and path with ease.  

A Divine Mystic connects with all the other Power Centers allowing them to conduct their life and path with ease.  

Have you caught on to the secret yet? 

The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them.

You hold the Power and only you hold the key to unlocking them. 

I want to show you were the keys are and empower you to do this yourself. 

This gives you the tools to come back to them again and again whenever you get knocked off course. 

Time is running out to sign up.....

The Soul Alignment System which begins Monday!

xx Nicole