[Part 4] The heart of the matter

Let your heart lead the way.

Follow your heart.  

Speak from your heart.

Let your heart guide you.

The guidance and advice we get about living from the heart is abundant.  All of this advice should be taken to heart.

The heart is the set point that connects the lower and upper chakras, and if it isn't balanced and open the energy that runs up from the grounding earth to the divine sky gets stuck, causing us to get stuck in our lives as well.  

Only be doing the work in the lower chakras, which I shared in the previous weeks blogs, can we reach the heart and be ready to listen and heed its call.  

This is where the gift of our soul's medicine comes fully forth, guiding us in our divine purpose and how we share it with the world around us.  The heart is a dreamer by nature, yet it gives us pretty practical guidance when we listen closely as well.  It is balance at its best when it is open, ready to give and to receive in all aspects.  

The heart of the matter

The Heart Chakra.

The two primary energies that apply to business in the heart chakra are our ability to give & serve from a place of love, and the ability to openly receive financial abundance for our work.  

There is an underlying belief that many of us have:  in order to truly serve others, we must suffer and struggle financially.  

What if this didn't have to be true? 

When working with the Heart Chakra in relationship to those ready to be Earth Changers and have massive impact in the world around them, we start with the questions:  How do you plan to serve?  What are your offerings?  How will you share them?  How do you price them?  This is the energy expressed in the front of the Heart Chakra.

Then, when we move to receiving in the back of the Heart.  This includes allowing love, compliments, and money into our lives.  We begin to break down the limiting beliefs we have around money and our worthiness to charge for our gifts, to receive an energetic exchange for how we serve in a way that keeps us thriving and continuing to do our work.  If we are struggling and can't pay the rent or the mortgage, how can we continue to serve from a full heart?  

It is vital that we price our offerings from a place that honors all of the work, classes, workshops, school of life and more that we have learned from.  I often see others undervaluing their work, their services, and doubting their own abilities.  It is only when we truly know our own value and worth, that others will see us as the leaders we are meant to be.  

When we are Earth Changers, our business is a direct reflection of our life.  It may challenge us, force us to overcome things that hold us back in every area and realm, it works us over, and the beauty of it all...is the growth that comes in our life and business when we are willing to dig deep and to do the inner work that our Soul longs for us to do.  

It is time you share your Medicine with the world.  The doors open on March 13th to the Earth Changers Mastermind.  Are you on the waitlist for when that happens?  There is limited space available.  

What would it take for you to say Yes to your Soul this year?  

Next week, I will be sharing about the throat chakra and how it applies to our life and business.  

Huge love to you on this journey,

xx Nicole