Sacred Cleansing Ritual

Image Credit Nick Fry

Image Credit Nick Fry

We want everything item in our home, everything that we wear, everything that we hold sacred to carry our own energy.  

Carrying around other people's emotional baggage can be draining on you physically, emotionally and energetically.  

  • Have you ever had the experience of walking into someplace and immediately feeling uneasy, creeped out or unsettled?  I know I have many times in my life.  
  • When I spent three years studying with a Shaman, I learned how to sense others' energy and clear it so that the item or space is returned to a neutral energy again.
  • Think of it this way, every item you own has an energetic fingerprint on it.  Picture a clear water glass. Now, imagine 100 people came by and picked up that glass.  Can you imagine all those fingerprints/energetic signatures on the glass?  This means considering the idea that everything is energy.  Every item is energy, living or otherwise, and each item has the capacity to hold the energy of everything that has touched it along the way.  
  • Have you heard of Dr Emoto's water study?  It's a similar theory - what we are exposed to energetically, changes our cellular structure.  When the water was exposed to works of love, hope and joy, beautiful white unique crystals formed that could be seen under a microscope.  When water from the same source was exposed to hateful words, even simply having that word taped to the outside of the water vessel, it grew misshaped dark forms.  The youtube video of his work is here.  
  • I digressed a bit, but my point is that everything we touch, hold, buy, inherit has an energetic signature that may or may not be positive, and it certainly isn't ours.  So the goal is to energetically clean every single item that enters your home, to remove everyone else's energy from it. Imagine how many people handle most of the items we buy.  From manufacturing, shipping, stocking selves, and being picked up by numerous people before you purchased it or were gifted it.   I don't do this with my food, though it wouldn't be a bad idea.  So let's talk about how to do this. In this post, I will be addressing the energetic cleansing of new items, as a way to make your home feel energetically lighter for the Spring.  In future posts I plan to discuss the deeper energetic cleansing of yourself and your home.  

Sacred Cleansing Ritual

When I bring any new-to-me item home, this is the ritual I perform to wipe off anyone else's energy:  

  • Light a bundle or bunch of white sage in an abalone shell or clay pot.  Once it's lit fairly well, blow out the flame so you only have the smoke remaining.  
  • Run each hand over the smoke, palm and back of hand, to cleanse your own energy that will be touching the item.  
  • Figure out where North, South, East and West are.  
  • Carefully move the item through the smoke, getting all sides of it.  Starting from South to North, then North to South.  Then from West to East and from East to West. Then move it up above the smoke honoring the above, then lower it towards the smoke to honor the below.  Then swirl it around in the smoke last to honor the mystery.  
  • As I am doing this I say "from North to South, from East to West, from Above to Below and the Mystery".  It is important to honor all of the directions, which honors the animal totems and spirits that are associated with each direction in Native culture.  
  • This can be done once through, or more if you feel like the item still needs more cleansing.  Over time, you become more in-tune with yourself and the items you work with and will know when an item has been returned to a neutral state or not.  

This ritual is also incredibly important before the Sacred Infusing Ritual.  Any time someone else uses your sacred items, cards, rattles, feathers, crystals or you use them on someone else, it is important to re-cleanse the items to remove other people's energy from them.  

By starting this ritual now, energetically your home will start feeling lighter and clearer, making a House Blessing easier to do in the future.  

I wish you Soulful Sacred Cleansing ahead!

xx Nicole