Seasonal work

Tending to death and our ancestors



Connect With and Honor Your Ancestors

With All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead and All Saints Day, this time is ripe with opportunity to explore the connection to those that have come and gone before us.

Pull out your old photos, create an altar, and/or set a place at the table this weekend to honor your ancestors.  Tell your favorite stories about them, ask them for guidance as you head into your dreamtime, light a candle and invite them into your home.  

Your ancestors, your guides, your spirit animals are all around you.  

This weekend, find a few quiet moments to connect with them using the journey I created for you, to gather guidance and wisdom that you most need or are seeking right now.  


If your family has a messy past, like most of us do, make a conscious choice and set some intentions for how you want to heal and bring different experiences to your family line going forward.  

And, if there are things you adore about your family, set the intentions to continue those traditions with your own family as well.  


Tending to Death and The Dying

Of What’s Left To Come

Contemplate the days,
Not the ones past,
But those yet to come.

How many remain? 
On this earth
In this body
Underneath this sky?

What we deny
Diminishes us

As Death will come
Why not
Embrace death now
As a wise old friend

Let Death
Strip you of your pretense
Awaken your humanity
Humble you in its mystery

Why wait? 
Allow Death’s inevitability
To arouse your secret longing for life
And move you to courageous acts of living

What do you have to lose? 
But the partial death
you call life

Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate  
All that we love will die

Dear Friend, 
Come closer
Help me to love this life
While I still can

- Forest Fein


Last Sunday, I had the honor of sitting among a group of women discussing death.  The title of the workshop was Tending Sacred Death: A Witches Perspective.  

I know, it isn't a topic most people want to sign up to talk about but it is such a vital topic.  

As I shift my work from the threshold of birth, I feel the magnetic pull to sit and tend the threshold of death.  

I have recently begun to care for an 86 year old woman on the weekends and also started a job working at my local Senior Center.  Working with our wise elders is opening up a portal of new inner work for me to uncover.  

Our teacher last weekend shared how death is universal and deeply personal.  Since we have all been born, we are all guaranteed death will happen.  Yet, every single death is as unique as each of us are.  

As we wove our way through the day, we could feel the energy shift from light, to heavy, back to light again depending on the topic at an given moment.  The elements were extremely present and participatory through out the day.  

The connection between birth and death in relationship to the medicine wheel were deeply present in our conversation.  

In the big picture of life, starting at birth we wind our way around the medicine wheel from:

East: Element of Air, Breath, Life, New Beginnings, Birth, Infancy, Life Force

South: Element of Fire, Adolescence, Creativity, Passion, Joy, Movement

West: Element of Water, Adulthood, Emotions, Drive, Going with the Flow

North: Element of Earth, Elders, Ancestors, Wise Ones, Darkness, Truth, Going Inward, Deep Knowing

As we move towards death, we begin to wind our way backwards, occasionally moving between them over a period of days or weeks:

North: Losing our attachment to the Earth; Getting our affairs in order; No longer wanting to eat to nourish our bodies.  We begin to lose our grip on the here and now, and time bleeds between the past and present.  

West: Our bodies begin to lose their water.  Our cells and mucous membranes dry out or swell up as our cells break down and release water into surrounding tissues.  We literally begin to shrivel and close into ourselves as our bodies start shutting down.  We seek to make amends. 

South: The spark that gets us up and moving again, or alert after a period of time of unconsciousness.  We strive to move our bodies and minds one last time.  

East: The breath becomes shallow, rattles (as though we are rattling our own souls over this threshold), and slows down.  Eventually, ending in one final breath.  

It will happen.  

Whether we wind backwards in the wheel in a milli-second or it takes us weeks, death will come for us.  

So, it is our job to befriend it.  

Cuddle up close to it and not take a single day or moment for granted.  Death and Destiny are close friends and we need them both to guide us forward on our path.  

Ask death often, "Death, am I doing the work of my destiny?" And REALLY, deeply listen for the answer.  

This is our work for the Fall time.  

  • Go inward.  
  • Seek your own inner truth.  
  • Ask for guidance from your elders, your ancestors or your guides.  
  • Harvest the seeds you planted back in the Spring time.  
  • Slow down.
  • Find ease and flow in your day to day life.  
  • Let your emotions be your guide.
  • And of course, enjoy all things pumpkin spice and a glass of bourbon cuddled up next to the fire.  

To Death and Destiny...

xx Nicole