Blessing a new home


As you may know from my last posting, these last few months have been full of transitions.  

This past week we packed up our belongings on the farm, loaded up a uhaul, and unpacked our treasures into a space we know call home.

Our new sanctuary. Like it literally is on Sanctuary Lane.

This might have been one of the smoothest moves I have done over the years, which has been many.  25 to be exact, not that I am counting.  

What made it easier?  

Ten days before we actually moved we began to box up things we don't use on a regular basis and I slowly moved those, unpacked them, then brought the empty box back to load up some more.  This allowed me time to settle into the new home and slowly make it my own.  

Yet, before I even moved a single thing into the home, I began blessing it.  

Though I have official training in House Blessings that I was taught during my 3rd year of study with my Shamanic Teacher, I often choose to do an abbreviated version for myself. 

Here is an idea of how I have blessed and greeted my homes in the past few years.  This can be done anytime though, and it is especially good to do once a year near a birthday or New Year's.  

  • Before a single thing is moved into the space I light some sage in a vintage abalone shell. I create an intention for the experience and feeling I want in our home as I stand at the front door,  I use a feather I found in nature and moving clockwise through the home, spread the smoke from the smudge with the feather over walls, into corners, into cupboards while holding the intention in my mind, heart and energy.  
  • Returning outside, I meditate and connect to the Spirits and Guardians of the land that the home is on.  I wait until I feel, sense, see or hear them and ask them what they would like from me as I am living on their land.  I ask for their permission, blessing and protection for our time living there.  If I have some loose tobacco for making prayers, I will blow my prayer and intention into the loose tobacco when I am done and give the land this offering.  I will ask if they would like any other offering from my possessions (like a crystal, statue, plant, etc.) placed on the land as a reminder to us both of our intention and commitment to one another.  
  • I create an altar near the front door or what I will consider the heart of the home (the place where we will spend the most time) and use the altar as an anchor for our intentions.  My altars often include a rabbit pelt, crystals, some form of earth, fire, or water, and a representation of my intention.  
  • Since I had purchased a few pieces of furniture at the thrift store, I placed them on our front porch before moving them into the house.  I smudged them with burning sage, then washed them down with an organic cleaning solution (Bio-Kleen All Purpose Cleaner in a bowl of hot water with 4 drops of Lavender, 3 drops of Lemongrass, and 2 drops of Eucalyptus essential oils) to cleanse them physically and energetically before bringing them into our home.
  • After all of our belongings have been moved into the home, I love to smudge the home again, including all of our belongings, starting at the door and working clockwise.  When that is complete, I hold the intention again in my mind, heart and energy that I first had before moving things in and use chimes, a Tibetan singing bowl or other joyful noise maker and walk through the home clockwise spreading the beautiful tones and intentions through the home. 
  • We have a bowl of angel cards that live someplace for easy daily drawings or when we feel inspired.  From that bowl, we each choose a card that will give us insight and guidance into what our collective experience will be while living in the home.  The ones we drew for the last house were Enthusiasm and Faith.  We also each draw two cards for ourselves to gather personal insight for our time in the home.  We keep our cards visible on a collective altar or our personal ones on our nightstands next to the bed for a daily reminder of the journey we are on.  
  • When leaving the previous space after we cleaned the home, I also do a ceremony. I gather all my energy from the space and yard by walking through it with a bell or smudge, giving thanks for the good things and growth that happened in that space, and declaring your intent to pull our energy from the old space and taking it with us.

Our New Home

The view from our new front porch.  A pond, a lake through the trees, tons of quiet tree neighbors, birds and deer.  Our lovely Fall and Winter Sanctuary.  

The view from our new front porch.  A pond, a lake through the trees, tons of quiet tree neighbors, birds and deer.  Our lovely Fall and Winter Sanctuary.  

Be sure to bookmark this page so you have it to come back to when you are ready to bless your home, change homes, or need a energetic reboot in your living space.  

Bless on, loves!

xx Nicole