Let go

Earth Medicine for Fall


Earth Medicine for Fall

We stand nearly in the middle of the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice, in the Northwest of the medicine wheel. 

Next time you are outside, take a moment and notice what is happening around you. 

Not only is the Earth putting on a spectacular, colorful show, the Earth is reminding us of the importance of letting go. 

The trees and bushes are shedding their leaves. The flowers of Summer are slowing wilting and dying away for their Winter's nap. 

The Earth is letting go of all that isn't necessary, so they can nourish themselves and go deeply inward to build their strength to be able to unfurl their leaves and blossoms next Spring. 

This is the Earth Medicine for Fall.

Let go. Release. Go inside and discover what habits, work, to-do's, lists, and commitments are no longer bringing you joy and need to be released so there is space for something more nourishing to show up for you. 

If our lives are so full of things we have settled for, there will never be room for what we long for to show up. 

Find a trusted friend and share the things you are longing to let go with each other. This will likely deepen your relationship and you will have someone to hold you accountable to the shifts you long to make over the upcoming months. 

The other medicine the Earth brings us is rest. 

As daylight savings time is making for earlier and longer nights, I feel my bones craving rest and quiet by late afternoon. 

Are you giving yourself permission to rest more or to go to bed earlier?

What will happen if you listen to the calling of your inner knowing? What is the worst that can happen if you slow down or stop when your body says it needs you to? 

Tap into the wisdom of Mama Bear. 

Bear Medicine resides in the West and has a lot of wisdom to share with us. 

Bear knows it can’t go at full speed, full throttle all year. It needs a period of rest. Can you allow yourself permission to have that? Can you at least slow down a little bit to fall into the rhythm of the season? 

Look all around you. The Earth is doing it, so why can’t you?

To letting go and deeply resting in the weeks ahead!

xx Nicole