[Part 5] Sharing your unique & authentic message

Those of you that have been on this journey with me over the past few years have witnessed the transformation that has occurred in me finding my authentic voice.  

Breaking down the hinderance of 'proper' writing skills, unlearning so much of what we were taught in English class, allowing our personal self to merge with our work self to allow our truth, our voice, and our deepest self to come shining through.

There are many, many classes about writing good copy, yet none of them matter if you don't truly know who you are and what makes you unique.  

This is why each and every layer of the Chakra work in my Earth Changers Mastermind builds upon each other, allowing yourself to slowly blossom and unfold into the beauty and truth you carry at your core.  If you have missed the last parts of this discussion, scroll down this page to see Parts 1-4.  

Sharing your unique & authentic message

The Throat Chakra.

Your writing should feel like a chat with an old, wise friend - allowing each interaction to build on the last. 

This is how I allow my writing to emerge: 

  • I don't plan out what I am going to write, typically.  I allow what is alive and true for me in the moment to come through me, into the keys on my computer, and then to you.
  • I ground and connect to the ethers before I begin.  
  • I always - ALWAYS - ask that Spirit move through me and allow me to share what needs to be heard at this time.  
  • I imagine you are sitting here next to me and share what is on my heart and mind in a conversation-style interaction, realizing it is often a one-sided conversation. 

Getting to this place has been as much of an inner journey as it has been an outer journey.  

The thing about writing is that it is a muscle that needs to be exercised as much as anything else we do.  The more we write, the deeper we get to know ourselves, the more in alignment we get to our gifts and Soul's medicine, the better the messaging becomes.  

This is why just taking that copywriting course on its own likely won't get you to where you want to be.  There is an entire picture that needs to be seen and felt before it can be translated to your tribe.  

In life, this is just as true.  How often do you find yourself saying something that upon further reflection you realize you regurgitated an answer that was not your own, and buried under the surface you meant something quite different? You know, that voice of your Mother, your Father, or a teacher that comes out of your mouth before you realize that the programmed answer might not be true for you.  

Through doing the deeper work that leads up to sharing yourself in your life and business, you allow the messages and truth to flow from your deepest center when you get to working with the Throat Chakra.  

Today, bring your awareness to your Throat Chakra.  Close your eyes and see if you can feel into where the energy is living.  Can you feel it?  Is it living in the front of your throat or in the back of your throat, or is it balanced in the middle?   

Some questions to ask yourself: Am I spending enough time truly listening to those around me?  Am I speaking to just hear myself speak?  Where can I bring more awareness into my throat and how I share myself in the world?  Is my authentic voice coming through right now, and if not, what work do I need to do to unlock or to share it?

We ask these questions and so much more in the Earth Changers Mastermind.  The doors open soon, so get on the waitlist here to be the first to know when they open, since space is limited, and I want you to stand in your Soul's Medicine and to birth a sustainable business for massive impact this year.  

What would it take for you to share all of you this year?

Next week, I will be sharing about the third eye chakra and how it applies to our life and business.  

Huge love to you on this journey,

xx Nicole