[Part 6] Honoring your visions

I was standing over the stove on Saturday night, crying into a pot of Ukrainian borscht I just made.  

The vision was so clear in my mind.  

I saw myself kneeling on the ground out in the yard of our home.  I was surrounded by a dear friend that does Reiki, my veterinarian and my 12 year old lab who was lying in front of me.  I saw how loving, peaceful and beautiful a life could be honored in the crossing to another dimension.  The beauty, the grief and the reality of it all had tears just streaming down my face.  

This is a reality that will play out in the next week or so, as I have made the difficult decision to allow my old friend to pass on.  Nothing about this situation was clear cut, black and white; it was all grey.  So, I used my gifts to get quiet, to listen to what her body and Spirit were telling me and gathered the information I needed to make the best choice for all of us.  

When the vision came, I honored it as a gift, knowing I could do it my way - with my love and gifts holding space for her life and, with gratitude, release her from this dimension.    

Honoring your visions

The Third Eye Chakra. 

The Third Eye Chakra is an energy that holds space for our imaginations and for guidance from Spirit.  

In my story above is an example of the ability of my Third Eye Chakra in a balanced state to show the possible unfoldings of an experience before it occurs.  The benefit of working with this Chakra energy, allowed me to envision an outcome which enabled my body, mind, emotions and Spirit to begin processing the inevitable outcome.  

This comes into play when we are in a state of balance to be able to see where we are heading and how we want our life to look and feel in each moment.  Visualizing is an important part of the manifesting process, so keeping our Third Eye Chakra energy balanced serves us in so many other ways when we are working to attract or step into something new in our lives.  

Strengthening our connection to our Third Eye Chakra allows us to explore different situations and outcomes.

When our energy is out of balance, our vision can be overrun by worst case scenarios and visions that feed into our fears, instead of using visioning to overcoming them.  This leads to anxiety, panic and other issues that can overrun our life when this energy is not working in our favor.  

One of the most important concepts that I explore in relationship to business building and the Third Eye Charka is our ability to clearly see ourselves and our branding.  For myself, this was a combination of being open to the visions I received from Spirit and my ability to imagine the different looks and feels I wanted to capture in my recent rebrand.  

The rooted piece of it all went back to how I wanted myself and others to feel when they entered my website or came across any of my images.  

Only by doing the work with the other Chakras leading up to the Third Eye can these visions come through crystal clear.  

It is the reason why discussing websites isn't something we work with as a group in the EARTH CHANGERS Mastermind until October.  Not that it doesn't come up and can't be done sooner. I just find that people have crystal clear clarity when they do the work leading up to the Third Eye Chakra.  Then it doesn't need to be redone at this point. I am all about working smarter and not harder.  

Can you see yourself standing fully in your Medicine this year?  If so, join me here!

Next week I will wrap up this 7 part series discussing the Crown Chakra and the exquisite beauty that transpires when the energy is able to flow through all the Chakras up through the Crown and back down again.

xx Nicole