A Fall ritual to nourish your soul


Hello Beloved…

Fall has arrived swiftly. The leaves are starting to turn. The pumpkins are swelling with pride in their radiant orange. The squirrels are stacking up the last of their Winter stores.

How does the transition of seasons feel to you? Are you someone that navigates change with ease, or do you fight it kicking and screaming? How can you allow yourself to fall gracefully into Fall this year?

Sit outside for 20-30 minutes. Allow yourself to notice the feel of air on your skin. Notice the colors that swirl around you. Listen to the sounds of the animals. Smell the decaying leaves and earth preparing to go inward.

Begin the journey inward with intent this year by using this Fall ritual I created just for you.

See what a difference it makes in your attitude and your mood in the season ahead.


May you feel deeply supported and nourished this Fall. If you need support on your inward journey, I am here. Contact me anytime.

XX Nicole