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Want to be a Divine Mystic?

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Because I love you and want to diminish suffering in the world....It is time for some real, hard truths

To get straight to the point...suffering is optional.  

There have been times in my life where I was deeply 'suffering' internally.  

Debilitating depression, anxiety, and panic attacks left me in a place of feeling lost, confused, and hopeless.  I wondered if this is all there was in life.  

During those times, I wished someone had thrown me a life preserver to guide me out of where I was.  

Over the years, I have talked to many people who had similar experiences.  There was a one thing we all had in common during those times of 'suffering'.  Not a single one of us was living our purpose.  

I share this story because I know I spent years of feeling lost and wasn't living my purpose before I fell into that place of 'suffering'.  

I saw signs, was offered a hand, and sometimes knew what needed to change but I stubbornly pursued the expectations either put upon me or that I had placed on myself.  

I bet you can guess how well that all worked out....

Perhaps you can relate to this story....or maybe you aren't 'suffering' that bad, yet.  

Let me circle around to my initial point. Suffering is optional.  

This is me, reaching out a hand, giving you a sign, and showing you a different path.  The path out of feeling lost, confused or hopeless to living your purpose.  

Subtle energetic shits, healing practices and guidance are waiting for you in The Soul Alignment System.  

It is for all of us seeking to align our human experience with our Soul's purpose.  

The Soul Alignment System begins Monday!

What is the Divine Mystic Power Center all about? 

A Divine Mystic sees the webs of connection as humans and souls.  

The Divine Mystic knows the power of intention and trusts in their ability to conduct the Universe in their favor towards their highest good.  

They hold what is of the highest benefit for all at the forefront of their mind.  Connecting to a higher power regularly and allow themselves to be guided by their well-ancestors, angels, guides and spirit animals.  They feel the magic of the Rooted Magician, the creativity of the Wild Creator, the power of the Sovereign Warrior, the warmth of the Sacred Midwife, the truth of the Spell Weaver, and the deep knowing of the Wise Oracle.  Their connection with all the other Power Centers allow  them to conduct their life and path with ease.  

A Divine Mystic connects with all the other Power Centers allowing them to conduct their life and path with ease.  

Have you caught on to the secret yet? 

The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them.

You hold the Power and only you hold the key to unlocking them. 

I want to show you were the keys are and empower you to do this yourself. 

This gives you the tools to come back to them again and again whenever you get knocked off course. 

Time is running out to sign up.....

The Soul Alignment System which begins Monday!

xx Nicole

A Bold Move

Bold bracelet.JPG

I recently returned from leading a family retreat in Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  There were many moments that massively impacted my life and how things will unfold for me in the year ahead.

A ballistic missile threat sparked a huge revelation that forced me to take a long, hard look at my life and catapulted me to start shifting some things.  

I am taking the time to plant some deep seeds of intention in this dark winter soil that will need some tender tending and nourishment as they take root heading into the Spring time.  

This is the work of the Winter.  To bring us revelations, inspiration, and intentions that we sit on right now. We explore what they look and feel like. We dream about them, gather wisdom about them, both internally and externally, and sift through them to decide which seeds to plant in the dark, cold earth.  This is all we are meant to do in the Wintertime.  

The other massive change needs the story told about how I got there.... 

Over the New Year, my Love and I spent time in sacred ritual to come up with the word that we each long to live by in 2018.

During a meditation, the word Simple came through.  It wanted a voice that I have been paying close attention to.  Every time there is a choice, I can choose the simple option.  But it wasn't the BIG word.

Upon further reflection and going though my deeper yearly process of my year ahead, I came to the bigger, scarier word that wanted to be known for 2018:  


This is a year that I long to be brave, passionate, authentic, and transparent.  In order to do all of those things, BOLD needed to be embraced and welcomed.  

Fast forward a week...

We are getting ready to leave for Hawaii, and I think about asking my Love to bring his clippers, in case I decide to shave my head.  I went back a forth a few times, fighting internally with myself.  Finally, I talk myself out of it and decide not to ask him.  

Here is my transparent truth....

The urge to shave my head has been living inside of me for 2 years.  Yes!  2 years! 

If you have followed me for a while, you might remember a couple years ago when I had 75% of my head shaved, but had long hair on the top so I could easily cover up the shaved area and hide it if I wanted.  From that time, I almost shaved it all off many times!  Like, at least 10 times. My Love was even cheering me on and excited about me to do it.  

Yet, each time, I stopped myself for various reasons.  

The reasons to not do it that have run though my mind over the past two years have included: 

  • I am having branding photos done for my site, and I don't want such a drastic change.

  • What if I hate it?

  • I would do it if I felt more comfortable in my skin and in better shape.

  • What if my family hates it?

  • We are getting married and that isn't how I want to 'look' in my wedding photos.

  • What if my friends hate it?

  • What will people who don't know me think of it?

And, most importantly,

  • Who am I without my hair? How will 'I' feel feminine without my hair?

Fast forward to January 11th....


My Love and I are sitting in a van in a parking lot in Pahoa, HI, waiting for my co-facilitator to get some printing done for the retreat that begins in 3 hours.  We are answering some questions we will give the couples the next day at lunch for conversation to happen during their day. The questions are based on the work we plan to do with the separated wife and husband halves in the morning.  Among the questions is: How do you foresee yourself living your chosen word of the year in the year ahead? 

As I process this question out loud, "I am just not sure how Simple and Bold come together and play out in my life this year? ...OH! ......OHHH! ......OHHHHH!  I know how they come together RIGHT NOW.  I have to shave my head!" 

My palms are sweating, my heart is pounding and I feel the fear rising up inside me.  

I begin to hear all the reasons I have used for the past two years, including an upcoming work event that gives me a new reason not to just do it now.  

So, I sit with it for a minute and here is what happens:  

I remembered that, as a mentor and teacher, I can never expect those I work with to stand up and lean into their own fears if I am not willing to do the same.  At that moment, I know that no matter how scared I was, I must do it.  Not only for myself, but for every single person I choose to work with.  

I look across the parking lot we are sitting and in, and guess what is there:  a Supercuts.  Yep!  A place I would usually never consider getting my hair cut at, because paying for a good hair cut has always been really important to me.  But, without my Love's clippers, I need someone else to do it for me.  

So, I walk across the parking lot to see if someone is available right then, since we needed to check into the retreat center soon, and I didn't have time to wait.

"Yes, we have someone coming in right now who can do it for you." OF COURSE you do!

I walk back to grab my Love from the car and he walks over with me, hand in sweaty hand.  

I sit down in the chair and the stylist asks, "So, what are we going to do today?"

"I need you to buzz my hair.  I need it all gone." I said. 

"No! No! NO! Your hair is so beautiful! How about I just clean it up for you?" She said with a look of concern.

From behind me, my Love says, "There is the outer manifestation of your inner voice, argue with her.  Tell her why."

"Yes, really!  I need it all gone.  Here is why.  I am choosing to live Boldly this year.  My first big act in doing so, is this.  I need it gone, despite thinking I might hate it.  I need it all gone to embrace my femininity that has nothing to do with my hair.  I am scared of what others will think of me, that my family and friends will hate it, and I need to just NOT care and do it anyway. I am tired of waiting and arguing with myself about why I can't do it.  I need to be BOLD and I need to do it today." I replied.  Tears are streaming down her face as she stands looking at me through questioning, but understanding, eyes.  Which ignites tears of my own as I see an external reflection of my inner voice crumbling.

"Okay, that is so fucking beautiful and brave.  Okay, let's do this."

As tears run down both of our faces, she starts shaving it all off. 

"I think my word of the year will be honesty." She says.  "It is time I am completely honest with myself and everyone around me this year."  

"That's great!  Tell me more." I say.  

She proceeds to tell me how she is going to live her word, Honesty, this year.  

Behind me, two other stylists are doing the hair of two other women, who begin conversations about me shaving my head.  

I hear...

"Wow, that is so brave." 

"That is so beautiful."

 "Good for you.  I wish I had that much courage." 

I sparked a feeling of bravery, honesty, boldness and living your truth that day and passed it on to all of those people in the salon that day.  They were given the gift of being a part of my story so that they could witness and tap into the energy of being Bold, even if they weren't quite ready to do anything with it quite yet.  

Here is the selfie I took right after it happened......


Since I shaved my hair off, I have felt pretty raw and vulnerable.  

No longer can I spend extra time on my hair to fancy myself up.  I am getting to know myself in a raw state. This is part of the reason it has taken me over 3 weeks to share this with you all.  

The other is wanting to make sure I shared this whole story with you, because the whole story is important.  It wasn't just about me.  It was about the impact and shift I created around me when I choose to live Boldly.  

Every time I look in the mirror these days, I am reminded that when a decision is to be made, to choose the Bold one.  

We shall see how long I decide to keep it just like this, but I have already trimmed it back down to this length, so I think it might stick for around for the year.  

What other Bold decisions will this lead me to make this year? Only time will tell.  

Tell me!  What Bold decisions are you making this year?  What Bold moves have you made already in 2018?  I would love to hear in the comments below what you think of my Bold move and what are doing, or plan to do, to live Boldly this year.

xx Nicole 

Earth Soul Medicine for Winter Solstice


reflect. feel. gather. rest.

Happy Winter Solstice Loves!

Winter is fully upon us here in the States.  

We stand due North in the Wheel of the Year.  

It is a time for tending to our Spirit.  

To reflect on our deepest longings and path to liberation.  To completely let go of all that stands in the way of this.  To feel all the feels around what has held us back and what it will take to walk confidently forward on our path. To lean in and listen to the wisdom of our ancestors and the allies that walk beside us in the Spirit realm.  To dream deeply to discover our hidden desires.  

And rest in it all and allow it to marinate in our bones.  

Winter is not the time for plowing forward on this journey.  It is the time to just sit in it all.  

Perhaps it is why so many New Year's resolutions go unfilled.  It isn't until March, at the Spring Equinox that we should spring full force into action.  

If you live in an area that has more than 1 season (aka NOT Hawaii, Florida, Southern California where things often remain lush and in bloom), take time to step outside and pay attention to what Mother Earth is doing around you.  Here in Western Washington, I feel Mother Earth climbing deeply inward and taking her much needed rest for the Winter.  Between now and the beginning of February, she appears to pause and to be deeply sleeping.  Take notes from her.  She is our best guide.  

As I am digging deeper into my British and Irish roots, I am seeing the commonalities with the Native Medicine Wheel I studied for three years.  I fell in love with this Irish Natives Circle calendar on Etsy, by Emily Robyn Archer, when I ran across it.  The visuals of the animals, with the plants and guidance in following the energy through the year is a gorgeous reminder!  

Wheel of the Year Calendar - 'Native Circles' Birchwood Wheel by Irish artist Emily Robyn Archer

Wheel of the Year Calendar - 'Native Circles' Birchwood Wheel by Irish artist Emily Robyn Archer

Falling into the energy of Winter,  I am pretty well known for my New Year's planning. With my birthday falling on New Year's Eve, I have always gone BIG doing rituals and using the start of the year as a time for reflect, dream, plan and to set intentions. I am kind of a rock star at it! 

So, I decided to share my rituals, tips and guidance for making this a year you long to live! I am opening my schedule for you to join me for a 1 day deep dive into crafting a year of Liberation in 2018. 

Are you seeking to become more in tune with the natural rhythms of the year?  

Join me for The Year of Liberation, January 27th, 2018.  

This day is for you if:

  • You are sick and tired of New Year's Resolution and want to go deeper in planning your year ahead.
  • You know this is the year to release the have to's, need to's and should's from your life.
  • You are longing to feel grounded and deeply connected to yourself and your dreams.
  • You are ready to set sacred intentions for your life.
  • You want to discover what a dream calendar looks like for you. 
  • You are needing a reset for yourself and your life.  
  • You are willing to explore embodying all of who you are.  
  • You are seeking some practical tips with some dashes of woo.

You can find all the deets here!

May you find the silence, rest and liberation you seek today, and in all your Winter days ahead!

xx Nicole

An Apache blessing and my favorite way to spend the Winter


Hello Beloved! 

With each day that passes here in the Northern Hemisphere we lose more light.  We head into the dark nights.  

I love the darkness.  

I love that Mama Earth grants me permission to go inward, to be still, to witness, to gather insight, to hunker down, to read, and to dream in the Wintertime.  Being an Earth driven creature, with both my Sun Sun and Rising Sign being in Carpricorn, an Earth Sign, being a Hermit in the Tarot Life Symbols, plus being a major introvert, I am thrilled to be heading into the North of the Medicine Wheel.  

It is my favorite time of year.  

Standing in the North direction of the Medicine wheel brings us guidance from the darkness, if we lean into it to find it.  It is where our night dreams merge with our daydreams.  We have direct access to our ancestors, allies, power animals and Spirit animals.  It is the time of the year where we are encouraged to be STILL.  To stop moving and doing SO. DAMN. MUCH.  It is the time to reflect on what is working well and what needs to shift in the year ahead.  

What do you need to give yourself permission to do less of this Winter? How can you find your inner light within the darkness?  

This is one of the reasons our ancestors began bringing light into their homes in the Winter.  It was a reminder that the light will begin to return soon.  

But Winter is not about hurrying.  Winter moves slowly.  It pushes us to sleep in and to curl up into bed early with its cold weather.  It beacons us to deeply rest.  

Make a list of what you want to do less of what drains you, and more of what nourishes you, this Winter.  

Here is mine:

-Less running around/errands.  I won't go out to purchase anything that I can order and have delivered during this season.

-Less grocery shopping/meal planning. With working 50+ hours a week outside of the home right now, I need things simple so I signed up for a organic meal delivery services so I don't have to shop, decide what's for dinner, plan meals, etc.  All I have to do is come home and cook.  We order larger servings so we have left overs for lunches.  (Yes, I realize this costs more in the long run, but it is keeping my sanity, and I am wasting less food and eating healthier by using Sunbasket.) If you want to try Sunbasket out, here is a coupon for $40 off, which gives me a credit in return.

-Remove the saying "I don't have enough time." There is plenty of time for everything that is important to me.  The more I say "I don't have time", the more it becomes true.  We truly create our own reality.  

-Less worrying about shit that I don't have any control over.  I know the Universe/Spirit has my back, so I plan to trust each outcome and surrender to the unfolding of my life in Winter.  

-Making more herbal infusions to drink throughout the day.  I have a hard time drinking enough water in the cold months of the year, so making an herbal infusion at night before bed, has it ready and waiting for me to pour it into a mason jar as I head out the door in the morning and I am more likely to sip on it through out the day.  My favorite infusion is some sort of mix of oat straw, nettle, lemon balm, chamomile, red raspberry leaf and peppermint.  I toss a large pinch into a large french press of the ones I want and pour boiling water into it and allow it to infuse overnight.  My favorite place to buy herbs is here.  

-Taking a epsom salt, detoxing bath at least once a week.  I light some candles, throw a few handfuls of plain epsom salts with a handful of a sacred salt mix from one of the retreats I have held over the past year, crawl in with a cup of herbal tea (this is one of my winter favorites! with a slice of lemon and a bit of honey) and a good book to soak my cares away.  I finish up with a good Korean scrub mitt to remove dead skin and to stimulate my lymphatic system.  When I get out I slather myself  with some ritual oils that I have picked up over the years.  

-Spending one day a month completely unplugged and in silence.  This alone nourishes me more than anything else!  When I wasn't working outside of the home, I use to do this one day a week.  I miss it deeply.  Since I only have one day off a week right now, it isn't feasible for me to do this every week, so I am making a commitment to put one day a month on the calendar and to NOT let it get scheduled over.  

-In the month of December, we will spend one evening a week without artificial light on in the house.  We recently lost our power and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed living more in tune with the natural rhythm of the Earth.  I love having an evening to unplug with my family, to connect more deeply and to enjoy an evening connecting with the the way of life my ancestors experienced.  

y wish is that my list triggered a list of your own.  I encourage you to write it out and to share it with a friend or lover to keep you in a more natural rhythm with Winter.  

To less to-do's and more nourishing this Winter!

xx Nicole

The Medicine of Goodness

Hey Soulful Ones!!  

This past week I had the pleasure of joining 250 other contributors in becoming best-selling authors as our book hit #1 on Amazon in a few categories!  What a true gift it has been to be a part of this journey.  

With so many things feeling challenging in the world right now, some goodness is a healing salve to the heart and soul.  

We have all heard the concept that what you focus on expands.  I firmly believe in this energetic medicine.  Our bodies, minds and hearts natural respond to the words and stories we tell it.  

This book is a perfect opportunity to plant good thought, stories and feeling into your own life.  

My personal story of goodness is found on page 234.  I share the story about how a $4000 gift, altered nearly everything in my life and business, and how my Earth Changers Mastermind and Embody Your Gifts (a new program that will be released at the beginning of the year) were built upon the gift.  

Take a moment and read the interview below to feed your soul the medicine of this goodness. 

This book wouldn't have been possible without the amazing, Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, a husband-and-wife team who loves living soulfully and joyfully. 

Here is a lovely interview about them and this book series that is impacting millions of people, all around the world.  

For those who are meeting you two for the first time, please tell us more about yourselves and your journey.

First of all, we’d like to say just how grateful we are to have connected with you! We love connecting with people who are also looking for a deeper, more soulful experience of life. It’s a pleasure to be sharing this journey with so many others who are listening to – and following – their souls’ whispers in such loving ways. Welcome! :)

We’re a happily married couple who live on the Oregon coast with our three cats. We work together from home – writing spiritual books and blogs, creating personal-growth courses, connecting with soulful communities, and enjoying our lives together. We also love walking on the beach, kayaking, and being together and in nature as much as possible.

Can you tell us about this book?

We’d love to! This is the fourth book in the 365 Book Series. This book is called Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness. This inspiring book is filled with over 450 pages of positive, loving energy from over 250 authors, and we know that it’s going to be so uplifting for so many. The stories include receiving kindness from loving family, friends, teachers, co- workers, kids, pets, and perfect strangers. This book includes moments of everyday goodness plus stories of goodness from beyond. All of the stories are intended to uplift, inspire, and remind you of just how good people truly are and how much more alike we are than we may have thought.

What inspired you to create the 365 Book Series?

It started in perhaps the least likely way – by doing our taxes! In the midst of going through the endless stacks of paper and methodically entering each item into a spreadsheet, we came across a receipt from several years back. We pulled it out of the pile – wondering how it ended up there. We were just about to toss it aside and get back to the taxes when we noticed something scribbled on the back. It turned out to be a seedling for this book series!

Before going to sleep that night, we asked for more clarity regarding our next step, and this fully formed idea popped in immediately upon waking. We were so excited about it but weren’t sure if anyone else would be. But we felt such a strong calling that we decided to let our soul lead the way – and we began sharing our idea. Almost immediately the first contributors started signing up, and before long over 200 others had joined us. We were absolutely elated that others shared in this vision!

This series has been surrounded by loving energy right from the start, and it’s turned into much more than just books – it’s a loving, supportive, soulful community. We’ve held classes, workshops, Facebook parties, and connected with one another in so many beautiful ways.

Why was it so important for you to share a book about goodness?

We actually were all set to publish a different book next in this series, and then the 2016 election happened and we were feeling overwhelmed by all of the negativity and divisiveness in the news and on social media. Scrolling through our Facebook feed was no longer enjoyable due to one contentious post or news story after another. We were angry and disheartened, and we found ourselves sinking lower and lower into a pit of powerlessness, despair, and darkness. We began questioning everything that we thought we knew about the inherent kindness in people and wondered what had happened to the light-filled and loving universe we thought we lived in.
Our first inclination was to bury our heads in the sand and come up only when the world seemed sane and peaceful again. But something deep inside our soul whispered that loving kindness was still out there, that the majority of people still had huge hearts and were still making a positive impact in our world, and that it was up to us to turn on our “Goodness Radar” to find it.

Being on the lookout for goodness felt empowering to us – we liked having something to focus on that made us feel good instead of bad. So we started thinking about our lives – starting with the present and working all the way back to childhood – looking for evidence of goodness that we had experienced from both strangers and loved ones. We wanted to remember all of the moments – the big ones and also the small ones. We wanted to surround ourselves with all of these happy and life-affirming memories because we knew that they would help us have more faith in humankind again. And it worked. We began feeling more hopeful, and the cloud of darkness that had been surrounding us seemed to lift a little bit. We could see a glimmer of light again.

We were so excited to be feeling hopeful again, and we wanted to invite others to join us in finding, focusing on, and celebrating goodness in their own lives, too. We knew that many others were still feeling disheartened and powerless, so we thought that it would be wonderfully uplifting if hundreds of us came together to share our stories of goodness in one book so that we could all fill our hearts with the knowing that no matter how bleak things looked, people were still so helpful and giving. As the stories began pouring in, each one we read renewed our faith in humanity and opened our hearts just a bit more. While reading them, we cried tears of joy as we were reminded of just how giving and kind people truly can be. And now, we’re so excited to share each of these stories of goodness with you!

Can you share some examples of goodness with us that are shared in this book?

Sure! Some of the stories include life-changing moments that you never forget, such as when an entire community came together to help someone in need or when someone was given a helping hand that changed the trajectory of their life. Other stories include quieter moments of kindness – moments that aren’t always as easy to remember because they may not be as flashy as the bigger moments, but moments that can be just as powerful. It’s these moments that, when added up, become the fabric of our lives: a smile from a stranger, a helpful hand from a neighbor, a kind comment from a teacher, a hug when it is most needed, a loving note from a co-worker, a random act of kindness from someone you’ll never see again, or an “I love you” that stays in your heart forever. We’re so happy that we get to share all of these moments with you – the entire range of goodness – to help show how prevalent loving kindness truly is in our world, in our communities, and in our lives. It’s everywhere.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who would like to see lots of lots of evidence that goodness is alive and well in our world. It’s for those who believe that people are inherently good and are ready to read inspiring stories that prove that this is true. It’s for those who are wanting to turn on their “Goodness Radar” and begin finding more and more goodness in their own life and in the world around them.

What do you hope each reader will take into their heart while reading this book?

It’s our hope that when someone picks up this book, they can flip to any page and find a true-life story that will provide inspiration, upliftment, and encouragement to reflect upon the kindness they’ve experienced in their own life...and to be on the lookout for more!

Where can people go to learn more about this book?

You can purchase your own copy of this amazing, uplifting, and medicine of goodness for the soul book here.  For a limited time, everyone who orders the book will receive our bonus gift package, which includes lots of soulful gifts (meditations, ebooks, ecourses, and more) – all contributed by the authors! Go to after purchasing your book through the link above to claim your free gifts.  

Thank you for sharing so much with us – in this book and in this interview. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you so much for inviting us – and thank you to everyone reading this! It has been such a blessing for us to connect with the hundreds of authors who shared their moving stories of goodness throughout this book. And we look forward to sharing these moments with all of the readers who are opening their hearts to these moments while opening up their own hearts to find the goodness in their own lives as well! We are incredibly grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Thank you so much to Jodi and Dan for pulling this amazing book together. 

I am blessed with the Medicine of Goodness beyond my own comprehension!  

xx Nicole