Are you a Wild Creator?

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What is a Wild Creator?

Today, we further explore the 7 Power Centers you hold within yourself.  

All of us have one Power Center that is stronger than any other; I consider that your Superpower.

We also have a Power Center that needs our attention to fully align us with our Purpose, what I call Soul Alignment.  

I am introducing you to each of the Power Centers so you can find your Superpower and your challenge to know where to begin your journey.  We will be diving deep into each of these Power Centers, how to assess your own energy, to heal and to guide your path forward in The Soul Alignment System Immersion that begins in just under a week.  We start the journey on Monday, October 1st. All the details are here.  

Does the Wild Creator sound like you?

Part of being Wild is knowing when to go all in and when to rest.  You may spend three days in your PJs creating something new but then will spend three days relaxing and replenishing.  The Wild Creator knows what they feel passionate about and how to create change.  You have healthy boundaries and understands burn out isn't an option.  Sometimes things come out messy and untamed. But who wants things polished anyway? The Wild Creator feels stable and secure, which comes from building solidly on the Rooted Magician Power Center I shared yesterday.  

Is the Wild Creator you? If not, you can find out more about the Wild Creator and how to make this your Superpower in the Soul Alignment System Immersion.  

Tomorrow, we will explore the Sovereign Warrior Power Center.  It is one of my favorites and my personal Superpower!  I can't wait to share it with you tomorrow.  Stay tuned! 

xx Nicole