Are you a Sovereign Warrior?


What is the Sovereign Warrior Power Center?

Today, we talk about one of my favorite Power Centers.

A few years ago when I began working with and understanding energy, this is the Power Center I got stuck on the longest. It is the one that most of us have significant healing work to do.

It is the place we have held onto all the “Should’s”, “Have to’s” and “Need to’s” that have been placed on us by this human experience. We all have them and until we release them, we are bound up tight and living lives we didn’t choose for ourselves. This creates an energy of disempowerment that keeps us small and '“in our place”, so to speak.

But, who wants that? Not I.

It is one of reasons I chose to shave my head back in January. It was the last BIG thing I wanted to do to release myself from the bad case of the “should’s” in my life, after years of healing this big Power Center.

What is the Sovereign Warrior Power Center all about?

A Sovereign Warrior is sure and centered. You know the truth of who you are and what matters most to you. You stand tall when you enter a room and will not back down when it comes to things that are important to you. You will fiercely fight for all you believe in. You are willing to take up as much space as you need to be your full self. You are willing to explore the '“truths” you have been taught over the years to uncover what is true for you and how you will live your life based on them. You are deeply connected to those around you and willing to be vulnerable and ask for help (not what you would typically think of when talking about Warrior energy, but strength comes from knowing when to ask for help).

Have you caught on the secret yet? The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them. They may be sleeping, but they are there patiently waiting for you to WAKE UP! What else is it going to take for you to finally dig in and do this important work to be your full self?

It is time, love.

xx Nicole

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