Are you a Sacred Midwife?

Sacred Midwife-2.jpg

What image do you see in your mind when I say the word midwife?

Do you see someone wearing a long flowing skirt waiting patiently by a bedside wiping the brow of a woman in labor?  

Do you see someone wearing Birkenstocks and socks that loves to hug trees?  

Being an atypical midwife where none of these stereotypes fit for me, there is still an essence of truthful energy that lives in those images above.  

A couple centuries ago, midwives were the ones that held space and tended to the those at the gateways of life.  Birth and death.  They held space for the in between by supporting the sick with herbs and tonics.   

What is the Sacred Midwife Power Center all about?

A Sacred Midwife patiently holds space for creation, while also knowing when pushing is needed. This energy is connected to the whole web of life and knows that what is done to one is done to all. By honoring the Sacred Midwife within us we are able to tap into our own energy of creation and hold sacred space for what wants to come into this world through us. By holding deep empathy for the suffering seen in the world solutions are created to alleviate that suffering. These solutions become the containers for how we offer our heart and gifts to the world. The containers are the various ways we take in energy (aka money) for our service to the world. This could be one-on-one work, group programs, products, art, etc. It is the way to share your divine uniqueness with the world. A Sacred Midwife also knows when it is time to let go and release something that isn't working.

Have you caught on to the secret yet? The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them. They may be sleeping, but they are there patiently waiting for you to WAKE UP! What else is it going to take for you to finally dig in and do this important work to be your full self? It is time, love.

xx Nicole

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