Putting My Business to Bed


to deeply rest during this time of dreaming and hibernation.....

Hello love.....

Twenty years ago, I took a yearlong course that journeyed through the seasons and the origins of holidays celebrated today. This was one of my first experiences in connecting and tracking the seasons through my life. My life has never been the same. 

Most of us have lost our connection to nature and our own natural rhythms. By living indoors, having electricity, and no longer working our hands in the dirt to survive our presence with the Earth diminished. We stay up longer that our body wants us to. We over eat because we can. We stay warm and cozy inside during a rainstorm. We wake up to alarm clocks. We push and work long after our body says stop. We forget the huge impact the way we live affects the environment. 

I call this, The Nature Wound. This is one of the wounds we will be addressing in Wild Magic and Medicine: A 7 month mentorship circle with The Soul Alignment System. 

Based on this Seasonal Wisdom, Winter is a time for deeply resting and nourishing ourselves. 

It is the time for dreaming, visioning, listening and deciding what we want to plant and harvest in the upcoming year. 

It is important for me to live the work that I share with you. 

So, in order to listen to my own body, my own rhythm, and to deeply rest...I am putting my business to bed for the month of February. 

I am taking up time and space for just me. I will stop trying to juggle ALL the things. I will take time to just be. 

I am going to stay off social media completely by deleting the apps from my phone so I won't be tempted. I will not be returning work emails. 

I am hibernating, which is what Winter is all about. 

Before I go, there is still time to join my Winter: Earth Soul Medicine Program. Available here in Digital Courses.

Thank you for being a part of my life. 

This Winter...please rest love. Nourish yourself. Dream. Listen. 

I will see you in March!

xx Nicole