Owning my FULL self

Hello love.....

I am not gonna lie. 2018 brought me many hardships and a few gifts. 

Much of this last year, I felt buried under financial stress and the burden of trying "to do it all". I have been working full time in an office job (to which I am grateful for, while also hating the lack of complete freedom having it has brought to my life), while also doing the best I could to keep Earth Soul Medicine growing. I was working 60+ hours a week and much of my self care and many of my rituals fell away. My anxiety and panic attacks that had disappeared for a few years kicked back into full swing. 

My body and soul were screaming that I was "doing" too much. 

I was so ready to kick 2018 to the curb and to start choosing something different. I know the feeling has been mutual for many of my friends and I imagine many of you. Yet, before I could truly put 2018 to bed, I paused to reflect on what I learned and how far I have come even through the stress and burden. Bold was my word for 2018. 

In 2018: 

  • I shaved my head for the first time in my life

  • I got crystal clear on what I needed more of in my life during a ballistic missile threat in Hawaii (TRAVEL! I need to see more of this amazing and diverse World!) 

  • I discovered more deeply what pace of life I need, and how much structure (and lack of structure) I need to share my gifts with the world

  • I shared my voice and self more fully by more creating videos and FB ads for Earth Soul Medicine

  • I began truly hearing my guides and was gifted an energetic system to support how I move through and share my gifts with the world

  • I found ways to travel by being gifted trips (or found uber cheap ones) that fulfilled the clarity I received during the ballistic missile threat (I made it to Hawaii (when the threat happened), NYC, the Oregon Coast, Orcas Island, Port Townsend, Mexico (twice) and wrapped up my year deep in the mountains of Central Oregon surrounded by snow at 3 degrees when the New Year rang in.) 

  • I allowed my emotions and feelings more space

  • I asked more clearly for what I needed

  • I stopped bowing to others and came home to myself


The photo above shows the transition of my journey as an entrepreneur and soul guide. 

In 2014, at the top, I bowed as an act of honoring those outside of me, thinking they somehow knew more about everything, including myself. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 that journey continued. I bowed as an act of calling sacredness into my life, now discovering that it is ALL sacred.

I had no idea that when I chose Bold as my word for 2018 it would lead me here. 

It wasn't until l saw the final photo above of myself that it all came together. 

I was conducting the closing ceremony at the October Camp Souldust. This photo made its way into my world at the end of December, and I could see with my own eyes the biggest gift that 2018 gave me. 

The gift of coming home to myself. The gift of owning all of who I am and the unique gifts that only I can offer the world in my own divine way. 

Now, when I choose to pray and bow, it is to my own deepest knowing and to the Spirits and Guides that light my way forward. 

So, here I stand in the New Year. 2019 is standing before me. This year my word is Fortunate. I am ready and willing to do my part to co-create with the Universe AND....I fully expect the odds to always be in my favor this year. 

What did 2018 bring you, and what are you ready to claim in 2019? I want to know.

Will you simply hit reply and tell me? And if there is any way that I can support your journey...I am here. Standing tall and sure. Ready to walk by your side and support you in living your best life. 

It is time to own you..your path...your purpose...your dream. Whose with me?

xx Nicole