My favorite Fall things...


Hey love!

What season do you love and feel most supported by?

For me, Fall nourishes me on so many levels. As an introvert (YES! I am one of those!) I love when nature turns inward granting me external permission to hunker down and go in as well. 

This weekend I have nourished myself in many ways.

We had a friend over for dinner Friday night, with some delightful nourishment through deep connections with others. Yesterday morning, I made a big batch of sweet potato hash to start testing out a bit of carb cycling (I have eating keto since January and my carb cravings, which have been mostly non-existent since starting Keto, have resurfaced in the last couple weeks, so I am listening to my body and giving it some increased carbs every few days to see if it will settle down). Pumpkin scented candles have been burning all weekend, bringing the element of fire into the home and our hearts. Vetiver and orange essential oils have been diffusing to ground and uplift us. I made a rosemary garlic roast for dinner last night with some roasted garlic mashed cauliflower. A batch of bone broth was made in the instant bot with left over chicken bones from dinner Friday night so I had a steaming cup of it before bed last night with a squeeze of fresh lime. Yum!

This morning we had a date planned to walk on the ferry to head over to our favorite little town, Port Townsend, for the day. But, both ferries are out of service so plans swiftly changed. I spent the morning curled up in bed with a steaming mug of french roast coffee exploring theFall Ritual that I crafted for you yesterday.  I made some low carb Mexican chicken soup with the bone broth so I have some breakfast soup this week, and I have a french press steeping with an herbal infusion of oat straw, chamomile, lemon balm and peppermint to sip on through the day. In a bit, we are heading out to hang in our own sweet little town and might see a movie at the old, tiny, one-movie theater. 

Knowing everything happens in divine timing and for a reason, the change in our plans allowed me time to connect with you. Some of my favorite people!

Today, I felt like someone out there needed to hear this. 

Perhaps it is you or someone you know (if so, forward this on to them). 

I wanted to share the secret I have learned over the last 4 years, that we have everything we need inside of ourselves. 

Take a moment and breathe that truth in. Let me say it again....You have everything you need inside of yourself!

You hold the ability to open each Power Center. 

Only you can unlock them, because only you have the keys. 

One of my keys was seeking and embracing the feeling of freedom. 

It is the foundation that Earth Soul Medicine is built upon. It give me the power and permission to alter my course, change what needs changing and to give from my heart each and every day. 

And because I love having freedom so much, I want to make sure you have the freedom to change and shift whatever isn't working in your life. 

This happens when you know to the depth of your core that you hold the keys for your own transformation and healing!

You hold the keys to get from where you are now to life you dream of. 

You hold the keys to unlock each of the Power Centers within you. 

You ARE: 

  • The Rooted Magician

  • The Wild Creator

  • The Sovereign Warrior

  • The Sacred Midwife

  • The Spell Weaver

  • The Wise Oracle

  • and...The Divine Mystic

You have the choice to unlock and step into each of these Power Centers that will shift how you show up forever. 

When these Power Centers are activated, all your doubts will crumble. Confidence and clarity take it's place. 

Each of these Power Centers have a healing component, so not only will you be activating each of them, you will be healing old wounds and scars along the way. 

You will leave the 8 week Immersion in the Soul Alignment System understanding how to work with energy, how to access your own Power Centers, how to shift your energy, how to heal your own energy and how to share this work with others. 

This creates a ripple effect of healing, starting with you! How powerful is that?

Letting Spirit Lead the Way

As I shared earlier, I love the freedom to choose. In doing so, I am human and sometimes my mere humanness gets in the way of what is meant to be. I REALLY wanted to start the 8 week immersion back in August. Then I pushed it to September, and Spirit finally had to practically yell at me to give me the aligned timing for the journey. 

So with Spirit's blessing and encouragement, The Soul Alignment System Immersion begins on October 1st. 

This makes sense with Fall energy. Fall is about going inward, letting go and finding our flow. This system will do all of that and give you the keys to your own healing journey. 

All the registration details are here!

Okay, beautiful soul. I am here, holding space as the midwife that I am. 

It is up to you to birth your dream, your clarity and your Power Centers. 

This is your time. 

Huge love!

xx Nicole