My life as a midwife: then and now.


Three years ago, when I left my life as a midwife I had no idea where it would lead me. I knew I loved the process of birth, yet needed complete freedom in my life, which was not my reality as a midwife. I knew deep down that I was meant to make a bigger impact in the world, yet I had no idea in what way, or how I would serve my community.

Looking back at my photos from that time in my life, I can still see the masks I wore. My truest self was buried under all the should's and have to's that I still lived by. I showed up with my 'professional', yet personable demeanor, yet inside my true self slowly withered away. 

I had NO idea I was an empath. I was not connected to my intuition outside of the birth space. All I knew was that something wasn't working for me any longer and that I was exhausted on every level. 

I knew I wasn't making the impact in women's lives that I longed to and that didn't end at 6 weeks postpartum. 

I have spent these last three years diving deeply inwards. I have trucked through the weeds and found my deepest, trust self waiting for me, to show me how to move forward from where I was. 

I now embrace my abilities as an empath. I know it is one of my biggest gifts. 

As I stepped into the world as an entrepreneur, I ran into the same ol' should's and have to's around how to build a business. And I can tell you, I didn't go down that path very far to realize that it was not the path for me. 

The path I choose, was one of digging deep to find my true gifts, of finding clarity about my true calling, and birthing that calling into the world. 

Over these three years, I was approached on a regular basis about how I have ended up on the path I am on. 

How does birthing your calling into the world happen? How do you share your gifts with the world around you? 

To answer these questions and this calling, I created a program built on my years as a midwife and holding space for birth, and also based it on my Shamanic training and the tools I use in my everyday life to stay on my Spiritual path. 

I serve the light, but I am not your typical light worker. 

I believe that our wholeness lives in our shadows just as much as our light. 

As a Midwife to your Soul, I hold space for you like any good midwife would. 

I allow you and your gifts to unfold in your own space and in your own time. 

I seek to empower you to discover your own truths and to navigate your own way.

Time with me will feel like connecting with a friend you have always known, yet I offer safe space, reflection and confidentiality. 

If your calling is pulling on you right now, I know how it feels. I have been there and I am on the other side of it. 

In the process of birthing my truest calling last year, I quadrupled my business income. I share this truth for you to know that it is possible to share your calling with the world, to make a massive impact, and be paid for your gifts. 

We need you. Our world needs you now more than ever before. It is not the time to let our fears keep us small, or to wait for our world to feel more stable.  
Change comes for unstable times. 

This is your time to lean into fear, and tell it you know better. 

You know you are meant to serve. You know you are meant to make changes in this world. 

I am here to midwife you in that process. Join the Earth Changers Sisterhood here. 

xx Nicole