What to do when your calling isn't clear

Have you ever had a moment when you longed to see the stars in the night sky but they were covered by clouds?  

You know they are there.  You know how spectacular they are, hiding behind the layers between you and them.  But they stay hidden, despite your best efforts to part the clouds in the sky.  

Sometimes determining our calling in the World feels just as elusive and hidden as the stars in a Pacific Northwest Winter.  

This has been the thread running through many of the calls I have had with women recently.  

So, it is quite possible you are feeling one of these many ways, that all of them are feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by life.  Work. Family. Kids. Life is pushing your head beneath water while all you long for is a moment of silence, a chance to take a deep breath, and to figure out who are and what you are meant to do with this "one wild and precious life", as Mary Oliver, beloved poet puts it.  
  • That your current life is no longer working. You know it is time to massively shift things, but you have no idea how.
  • You can literally feel and deeply know you have a calling, but like the stars hidden behind the clouds, you can not figure out what that calling is and how to get the clouds out of the way to figure out the constellation of your life.  

If you are among the women who know there is a calling and purpose for your life, but can't figure out what exactly it is, can't see the path in front of your feet, and have no idea how to get there, stop.  Take a deep breath.  

Here is what you do.  Say YES!  

Make the commitment and say YES to picking up your foot, even if you can't see the path in front of you, and trust that Spirit will place the path in front of you before you put your foot down.  

That is it.

It is really that simple.  As humans, we love to be in control. To know what is coming next.  To have assurance that things will work out.  But I can tell you this from my years of learning hard lessons.  

Your high purpose and calling won't become clear until you can trust in something bigger than yourself and say YES.

Did you know that the idea of  a Mastermind is not about coming into it as a Master of anything, but saying YES to being willing to learn more about yourself, to learn more from the community, and to start a journey that will either lead you to your calling or support you in standing more fully in it.  

This year, I have more women who have joined the Earth Changers Mastermind, who are in this exact place.  Seeking the stars behind the clouds.  

This program is for the woman who:

  • is seeking to understand how her energy effects anything and everything she does.
  • desires to discover more about herself so she can show up as the leader she knows she is.
  • is ready to take steps forward to find her gifts, calling, passion and purpose and how to share them with the world.
  • has a business that she wants to birth into the world in the energy of the divine feminine, to build something sustainable, something that feels good, something that allows her to grow in ways she didn't even imagine she could.  
  • is running an established business yet longs to go deeper with it, and how she serves others.

Since the energy of the Earth Changers Mastermind has shifted a bit this year, I want to give every single person who is feeling called to this work the opportunity to join me.  

If you feel a pull, a tug, a resonance to anything I am sharing or have shared in the past few month, reach out now before I close the doors.  

Don't let anything stand in your way.  If you want to be here, I want to figure out how to make that happen for you.  I have space in my calendar to talk to you tomorrow and Friday, so please book a time to talk with me.

The doors are only open for a few more days before we begin our journey together for the rest of year. 

It is time to say YES, to pick up your foot, to part those clouds and move forward on the path to discovering your calling, going deeper and healing your personal energy along the way.  

Massive blessings on your path...

xx Nicole