An Apache blessing and my favorite way to spend the Winter


Hello Beloved! 

With each day that passes here in the Northern Hemisphere we lose more light.  We head into the dark nights.  

I love the darkness.  

I love that Mama Earth grants me permission to go inward, to be still, to witness, to gather insight, to hunker down, to read, and to dream in the Wintertime.  Being an Earth driven creature, with both my Sun Sun and Rising Sign being in Carpricorn, an Earth Sign, being a Hermit in the Tarot Life Symbols, plus being a major introvert, I am thrilled to be heading into the North of the Medicine Wheel.  

It is my favorite time of year.  

Standing in the North direction of the Medicine wheel brings us guidance from the darkness, if we lean into it to find it.  It is where our night dreams merge with our daydreams.  We have direct access to our ancestors, allies, power animals and Spirit animals.  It is the time of the year where we are encouraged to be STILL.  To stop moving and doing SO. DAMN. MUCH.  It is the time to reflect on what is working well and what needs to shift in the year ahead.  

What do you need to give yourself permission to do less of this Winter? How can you find your inner light within the darkness?  

This is one of the reasons our ancestors began bringing light into their homes in the Winter.  It was a reminder that the light will begin to return soon.  

But Winter is not about hurrying.  Winter moves slowly.  It pushes us to sleep in and to curl up into bed early with its cold weather.  It beacons us to deeply rest.  

Make a list of what you want to do less of what drains you, and more of what nourishes you, this Winter.  

Here is mine:

-Less running around/errands.  I won't go out to purchase anything that I can order and have delivered during this season.

-Less grocery shopping/meal planning. With working 50+ hours a week outside of the home right now, I need things simple so I signed up for a organic meal delivery services so I don't have to shop, decide what's for dinner, plan meals, etc.  All I have to do is come home and cook.  We order larger servings so we have left overs for lunches.  (Yes, I realize this costs more in the long run, but it is keeping my sanity, and I am wasting less food and eating healthier by using Sunbasket.) If you want to try Sunbasket out, here is a coupon for $40 off, which gives me a credit in return.

-Remove the saying "I don't have enough time." There is plenty of time for everything that is important to me.  The more I say "I don't have time", the more it becomes true.  We truly create our own reality.  

-Less worrying about shit that I don't have any control over.  I know the Universe/Spirit has my back, so I plan to trust each outcome and surrender to the unfolding of my life in Winter.  

-Making more herbal infusions to drink throughout the day.  I have a hard time drinking enough water in the cold months of the year, so making an herbal infusion at night before bed, has it ready and waiting for me to pour it into a mason jar as I head out the door in the morning and I am more likely to sip on it through out the day.  My favorite infusion is some sort of mix of oat straw, nettle, lemon balm, chamomile, red raspberry leaf and peppermint.  I toss a large pinch into a large french press of the ones I want and pour boiling water into it and allow it to infuse overnight.  My favorite place to buy herbs is here.  

-Taking a epsom salt, detoxing bath at least once a week.  I light some candles, throw a few handfuls of plain epsom salts with a handful of a sacred salt mix from one of the retreats I have held over the past year, crawl in with a cup of herbal tea (this is one of my winter favorites! with a slice of lemon and a bit of honey) and a good book to soak my cares away.  I finish up with a good Korean scrub mitt to remove dead skin and to stimulate my lymphatic system.  When I get out I slather myself  with some ritual oils that I have picked up over the years.  

-Spending one day a month completely unplugged and in silence.  This alone nourishes me more than anything else!  When I wasn't working outside of the home, I use to do this one day a week.  I miss it deeply.  Since I only have one day off a week right now, it isn't feasible for me to do this every week, so I am making a commitment to put one day a month on the calendar and to NOT let it get scheduled over.  

-In the month of December, we will spend one evening a week without artificial light on in the house.  We recently lost our power and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed living more in tune with the natural rhythm of the Earth.  I love having an evening to unplug with my family, to connect more deeply and to enjoy an evening connecting with the the way of life my ancestors experienced.  

y wish is that my list triggered a list of your own.  I encourage you to write it out and to share it with a friend or lover to keep you in a more natural rhythm with Winter.  

To less to-do's and more nourishing this Winter!

xx Nicole