Earth Soul Medicine for Winter Solstice


reflect. feel. gather. rest.

Happy Winter Solstice Loves!

Winter is fully upon us here in the States.  

We stand due North in the Wheel of the Year.  

It is a time for tending to our Spirit.  

To reflect on our deepest longings and path to liberation.  To completely let go of all that stands in the way of this.  To feel all the feels around what has held us back and what it will take to walk confidently forward on our path. To lean in and listen to the wisdom of our ancestors and the allies that walk beside us in the Spirit realm.  To dream deeply to discover our hidden desires.  

And rest in it all and allow it to marinate in our bones.  

Winter is not the time for plowing forward on this journey.  It is the time to just sit in it all.  

Perhaps it is why so many New Year's resolutions go unfilled.  It isn't until March, at the Spring Equinox that we should spring full force into action.  

If you live in an area that has more than 1 season (aka NOT Hawaii, Florida, Southern California where things often remain lush and in bloom), take time to step outside and pay attention to what Mother Earth is doing around you.  Here in Western Washington, I feel Mother Earth climbing deeply inward and taking her much needed rest for the Winter.  Between now and the beginning of February, she appears to pause and to be deeply sleeping.  Take notes from her.  She is our best guide.  

As I am digging deeper into my British and Irish roots, I am seeing the commonalities with the Native Medicine Wheel I studied for three years.  I fell in love with this Irish Natives Circle calendar on Etsy, by Emily Robyn Archer, when I ran across it.  The visuals of the animals, with the plants and guidance in following the energy through the year is a gorgeous reminder!  

Wheel of the Year Calendar - 'Native Circles' Birchwood Wheel by Irish artist Emily Robyn Archer

Wheel of the Year Calendar - 'Native Circles' Birchwood Wheel by Irish artist Emily Robyn Archer

Falling into the energy of Winter,  I am pretty well known for my New Year's planning. With my birthday falling on New Year's Eve, I have always gone BIG doing rituals and using the start of the year as a time for reflect, dream, plan and to set intentions. I am kind of a rock star at it! 

So, I decided to share my rituals, tips and guidance for making this a year you long to live! I am opening my schedule for you to join me for a 1 day deep dive into crafting a year of Liberation in 2018. 

Are you seeking to become more in tune with the natural rhythms of the year?  

Join me for The Year of Liberation, January 27th, 2018.  

This day is for you if:

  • You are sick and tired of New Year's Resolution and want to go deeper in planning your year ahead.
  • You know this is the year to release the have to's, need to's and should's from your life.
  • You are longing to feel grounded and deeply connected to yourself and your dreams.
  • You are ready to set sacred intentions for your life.
  • You want to discover what a dream calendar looks like for you. 
  • You are needing a reset for yourself and your life.  
  • You are willing to explore embodying all of who you are.  
  • You are seeking some practical tips with some dashes of woo.

You can find all the deets here!

May you find the silence, rest and liberation you seek today, and in all your Winter days ahead!

xx Nicole