Connecting with the wisdom of your ancestors

This weekend...the moon is new and the veils between the realms are thin.

With All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead and All Saints Day, this time is ripe with opportunity to explore the connection to those that have come and gone before us.

Pull out your old photos, create an altar, and/or set a place at the table this weekend to honor your ancestors.  Tell your favorite stories about them, ask them for guidance as you head into your dreamtime, light a candle and invite them into your home.  

Your ancestors, your guides, your spirit animals are all around you.  

This weekend, find a few quiet moments to connect with them using the journey I created for you, to gather guidance and wisdom that you most need or are seeking right now.  

If your family has a messy past, like most of us do, make a conscious choice and set some intentions on the New Moon for how you want to heal and bring different experiences to your family line going forward.  

And, if there are things you adore about your family, set the intentions to continue those traditions with your own family as well.  

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So, cozy in for the weekend ahead my loves....and be sure to tag me if you share your altars or pictures of ancestors on social media.  

All love.  All Soul.

xx Nicole