Putting My Business to Bed


to deeply rest during this time of dreaming and hibernation.....

Hello love.....

Twenty years ago, I took a yearlong course that journeyed through the seasons and the origins of holidays celebrated today. This was one of my first experiences in connecting and tracking the seasons through my life. My life has never been the same. 

Most of us have lost our connection to nature and our own natural rhythms. By living indoors, having electricity, and no longer working our hands in the dirt to survive our presence with the Earth diminished. We stay up longer that our body wants us to. We over eat because we can. We stay warm and cozy inside during a rainstorm. We wake up to alarm clocks. We push and work long after our body says stop. We forget the huge impact the way we live affects the environment. 

I call this, The Nature Wound. This is one of the wounds we will be addressing in Wild Magic and Medicine: A 7 month mentorship circle with The Soul Alignment System. 

Based on this Seasonal Wisdom, Winter is a time for deeply resting and nourishing ourselves. 

It is the time for dreaming, visioning, listening and deciding what we want to plant and harvest in the upcoming year. 

It is important for me to live the work that I share with you. 

So, in order to listen to my own body, my own rhythm, and to deeply rest...I am putting my business to bed for the month of February. 

I am taking up time and space for just me. I will stop trying to juggle ALL the things. I will take time to just be. 

I am going to stay off social media completely by deleting the apps from my phone so I won't be tempted. I will not be returning work emails. 

I am hibernating, which is what Winter is all about. 

Before I go, there is still time to join my Winter: Earth Soul Medicine Program. Available here in Digital Courses.

Thank you for being a part of my life. 

This Winter...please rest love. Nourish yourself. Dream. Listen. 

I will see you in March!

xx Nicole

Owning my FULL self

Hello love.....

I am not gonna lie. 2018 brought me many hardships and a few gifts. 

Much of this last year, I felt buried under financial stress and the burden of trying "to do it all". I have been working full time in an office job (to which I am grateful for, while also hating the lack of complete freedom having it has brought to my life), while also doing the best I could to keep Earth Soul Medicine growing. I was working 60+ hours a week and much of my self care and many of my rituals fell away. My anxiety and panic attacks that had disappeared for a few years kicked back into full swing. 

My body and soul were screaming that I was "doing" too much. 

I was so ready to kick 2018 to the curb and to start choosing something different. I know the feeling has been mutual for many of my friends and I imagine many of you. Yet, before I could truly put 2018 to bed, I paused to reflect on what I learned and how far I have come even through the stress and burden. Bold was my word for 2018. 

In 2018: 

  • I shaved my head for the first time in my life

  • I got crystal clear on what I needed more of in my life during a ballistic missile threat in Hawaii (TRAVEL! I need to see more of this amazing and diverse World!) 

  • I discovered more deeply what pace of life I need, and how much structure (and lack of structure) I need to share my gifts with the world

  • I shared my voice and self more fully by more creating videos and FB ads for Earth Soul Medicine

  • I began truly hearing my guides and was gifted an energetic system to support how I move through and share my gifts with the world

  • I found ways to travel by being gifted trips (or found uber cheap ones) that fulfilled the clarity I received during the ballistic missile threat (I made it to Hawaii (when the threat happened), NYC, the Oregon Coast, Orcas Island, Port Townsend, Mexico (twice) and wrapped up my year deep in the mountains of Central Oregon surrounded by snow at 3 degrees when the New Year rang in.) 

  • I allowed my emotions and feelings more space

  • I asked more clearly for what I needed

  • I stopped bowing to others and came home to myself


The photo above shows the transition of my journey as an entrepreneur and soul guide. 

In 2014, at the top, I bowed as an act of honoring those outside of me, thinking they somehow knew more about everything, including myself. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 that journey continued. I bowed as an act of calling sacredness into my life, now discovering that it is ALL sacred.

I had no idea that when I chose Bold as my word for 2018 it would lead me here. 

It wasn't until l saw the final photo above of myself that it all came together. 

I was conducting the closing ceremony at the October Camp Souldust. This photo made its way into my world at the end of December, and I could see with my own eyes the biggest gift that 2018 gave me. 

The gift of coming home to myself. The gift of owning all of who I am and the unique gifts that only I can offer the world in my own divine way. 

Now, when I choose to pray and bow, it is to my own deepest knowing and to the Spirits and Guides that light my way forward. 

So, here I stand in the New Year. 2019 is standing before me. This year my word is Fortunate. I am ready and willing to do my part to co-create with the Universe AND....I fully expect the odds to always be in my favor this year. 

What did 2018 bring you, and what are you ready to claim in 2019? I want to know.

Will you simply hit reply and tell me? And if there is any way that I can support your journey...I am here. Standing tall and sure. Ready to walk by your side and support you in living your best life. 

It is time to own you..your path...your purpose...your dream. Whose with me?

xx Nicole


The Holiday Thrive Guide


‘Tis the Season

Hello friends!

It is that time of year that people love or perhaps love to hate. No matter where you fall on this vast spectrum, I am passing along my top tips for thriving this holiday season, instead of merely surviving them. 

Over the last month, I spent nearly 2 weeks in the sunshine and festive city of Oaxaca for Dia de Muertos. This trip has been a long time dream of mine to explore Mexico during this holiday and it lived up to and far exceeded all of my expectations. I am cooking up a retreat there next year where we will be focusing on befriending death to fully live. Stay tuned for details in the upcoming future but if you want to place a deposit to claim a limited spot, contact me right away.

The community altar created in the City Center/Zocolo, Oaxaca City.

The community altar created in the City Center/Zocolo, Oaxaca City.

Taking a moment to connect with the Earth at Monte Alban, Oaxaca City.

Taking a moment to connect with the Earth at Monte Alban, Oaxaca City.

Now, I am back in the cold PNW recovering from a double ear infection and bronchitis that I came down with since I returned. This has forced me to slow down, go to bed early and to take exceptional care of myself. It has been non stop bone broth, tea, hot toddy's and essential oils all around. 

As we head into the holiday weekend I want to share my favorite tips for Thriving through the holidays, but you know these really apply all year long.


1. Release all expectations

Over the years, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to let shit go. This applies to all of life but especially over the holidays when it is easy to get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’. There is no reason that anyone would want you stressed out over any holiday details or gifts. 

Step back and ask yourself this very important question, “How do I want the holidays to feel?” Leading up to the holidays and the day of, what is that feeling you are going for? Are you wanting to feel connection, giving, peaceful, calm, grounded, excited, etc? What is that core feeling you hope to feel on your favorite holiday? 

Now, take that answer and figure out how you feel that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY during the holiday season. Releasing the expectation that everyone is going to feel a certain way on THE DAY of the holiday frees up so much emotional space that otherwise just leads to disappointment. Someone is bound to be sick with the flu or things will somehow not go as planned when huge expectations are place on one big day. 

Instead, start each day setting your intention for creating the feeling you long to have and bring it into each day from now through the holidays. Bonus points if you keep focusing on that feeling into the New Year!

Stress away.jpg

2. Keep Calm

In the last year, I have replaced all the lotions in my life with essential oil, essential oil blends and custom created homemade body butters that support my emotional and physical wellness.

My favorite things to use when things get to be to much in life and I realize I am living in survival mode is Stress Away. I love this roll on and diffuse the oil in my diffuser any time things start feeling overwhelming.

I have tried many oils over the years and have found Young Living to be of the highest quality and their blends are my absolute favorite to use. This is plant and Earth Medicine at it’s best!

All of the details about getting your hands on these oils and for getting 24% off the retail prices (which save you a ton) you can find here.

Huge Black Friday sale is happening over at Young Living which makes it the perfect time to stock up for yourself and to give some as gifts. When you sign up through me, I will even send you some goodies to say I Love You!

3. Drink a cuppa

Increasing your fluids when the weather gets cold and our heaters are blowing help keep things flowing. Hydration does wonders for our bodies.

As soon as the weather got cold I began drinking my favorite tea for the holidays, Juniper Ridge’s Douglas Fir Spring Tip tea. This tea is wild harvested and collected locally in the PNW. It tastes like Christmas in a cup. I add 1/4-1/2 of a fresh squeezed lemon and some local raw honey or stevia and it warms my heart and Spirits this time of year. Find it here.

My other favorite to keep any gunk away or to grab as soon as I feel some bug trying to take me down is to make some Thieves Tea. Thieves Vitality essential oil blend combines Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Cinnamon Bark, and Rosemary essential oils. The Vitality blends are custom crafted to be taken internally in the proper dosage. You can order this item retail, but over the long haul becoming a member with a Premium Starter Kit saves your 25% off and Thieves Vitality and Lemon Vitality are included with your order! Here is how you order.

Christmas spirit.jpg

4. Spread Some Christmas Cheer

This time of year I often begin to feel pulled under with some seasonal depression so I have this diffusing constantly. Scents can magically lift our Spirits and I will have this one diffusing into the New Year. Christmas Spirt™ taps into the happiness, joy, and comfort associated with the holiday season. It combines Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce to create a warm, spicy, and sweet Christmas essential oil blend that I am sure you will love as much as I do. You can place your order here.


5. Protect your energy

Valor is perfect for anytime you feel overwhelmed, if you experience social anxiety (raises hand), or need assistance in re-grounding yourself when over stressed. For COURAGE | Valor helps balance the energies within the body and helps to give courage, confidence, and self-esteem. Valor balances and equalizes the body’s energies thereby increasing oxygen intake to the pineal gland—the seat of our higher intelligence and intuitive faculties.- For STRESS | In my daily life, I put roller tops on all of my bottles. I use Valor every morning on my wrists and the back of my neck. I CANNOT BE WITHOUT MY VALOR. It keeps my nerves settled and brings me back from that crazy place my mind can wander to. For SLEEP | I also loved this diffused at night with Lavender and/or Northern Lights Black Spruce. You can place your order for Valor here. Or better yet, grab the roller bundle that will be on the Black Friday Sale and get 3 of my favorites in the bundle. Details for specials at the bottom of email.  Place your order here.

Starter Kit.jpg

6. Focus on Wellness

Staying connected to the Earth when so much time is spent indoors during the Winter can be challenging. Using essential oils is my top way to stay connected to the Earth and yourself over the holidays. All of these goodies make great Christmas gifts for teachers, co-workers and friends. Grab yourself a starter kit and make some custom blends in roller balls for all those that you love and hold dear this year.

Getting Started There are two ways to get your hands on these little bottles of goodness.

1. RETAIL - You can order individual oils at full retail prices. You can't get the starter kit as a retail member, you won’t be able to “go business” and you will not receive the Oil Method member pack. Let's just be honest - not many people choose to go this route.

2. THE PREMIUM STARTER KIT - This is the way everyone starts because it's the best value and includes allllllll sorts of goodies. This gives you a free, no strings attached wholesale membership. No monthly ordering and you NEVER, ever have to sell a thing - but you get 24% off of future purchases. For like ever. And you can get the Premium Starter Kit! (Affectionately know as the PSK ) The Premium Starter Kit is worth over $330 - but it is ONLY $160!!!!!!!! Hands freaking down the best value, and the best way to get started using oils.

It comes with:

🌿Lemon: Oh sweet, sweet lemon. Drink it all day long in your water to help flush out your system. Wonderful for focusing!

🌿Lavender: What CAN’T you use lavender for? That is the real questions. Amazing for relaxation, soothing for the skin, very calming for sleepy littles and adults alike. Diffuse at night to you and your kids can get into that deep deep sleep!

🌿Peppermint: Support your tummy and digestive system. Just one drop can increase oxygen levels! So drink during your workout too! Also support your respiratory system by using this bad boy. Diffuse in the morning with Lemon to get everyone up and moving!

🌿Copaiba: promotes a youthful appearance, supports the body’s response to injury and irritation, great for occasional inflammation of the gums, and enhances other oils. 🌿Raven: Keeps you breathing happily by applying on your chest and diffusing. Apply on the bottoms of your (or your husband’s) feet to breathe well all night long. Perfect for those rattly noisy kids during the winter month, rub on their chest to open those passages!

🌿Thieves: The healthy-keeper! Drink in tea to support immunity, take in a capsule at night and in the morning to support great health. Apply to the bottom of your kids feet daily to build up their immune system to fight off all the Back to School germs! Kiss it as a thank you for all that it does.

🌿Citrus Fresh: Neutralizes odors, so diffuse in your child’s room, drop in your gym shoes and let it flow in your kitchen after cooking some fish. Apply to problem areas on your face and use to keep bugs from getting friendly.

🌿PanAway: Kick up your feet, rub this baby on. Anything else you want to keep comfortable? Great for after a workout or roll it on your neck after a long drive.

🌿Frankincense: Incredible for the skin and immune system! Promotes feelings of calmness and balance, and eases occasional anxiety. This helps us focus and stay grounded, too! Great oil to diffuse during homework time!

🌿DiGize: All tummy support and digestive health. The dreaded tummy issue that goes rabid around schools, yeah this will be your defense if your kidddo happens to bring that home! If you eat food, you need this oil!

🌿Stress Away: When you need stress to GO AWAY. No one wants that. Especially when stress is the root of so many bad things. Give yourself a little break from life.

🌿Diffuser of your choice: Whaaaat! You can pick which diffuser you want to come with your kit. Dewdrop, Home, Rainstone or Aria. They are all amazing! Diffusing is such an amazing way to help support positive feelings and strengthen positive emotions! Talk about diffusing a situation!

🌿Extra goodies: - Two NingXia Red 2-oz. sample packets (throw a frozen one in your child's lunch box for a midday pick me up that is packed with antioxidants. Have them drink a packet before a big sporting event to keep them energized!) - Metal roller fitment for an easy-to-use roll-on bottle - Thieves cleaner sample - Mini glass travel bottles to take in the car or share with friends - a free membership - 24% off any future purchases. SCORE.

Ready to snag your kit? Give me a shoutout or PM on FB or IG and I will walk you through the sign up process and plug you in to our team and all the goodies! <3 You can find all the details here.

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What does the mentorship include? After you have signed up with YL and ordered your very first  starter kit (best decision of my life!) you will receive an email from me within 24 hours which will give you immediate access to our member area crafted by the lovely and magical, Iris Nabalo.

Here you will find:
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If you have any questions or are not sure where to start, simply hit reply and I am happy to be your personal shopper/guide on your journey to Thriving this holiday season. 

Huge love with oils and Soul Medicine,

xx Nicole 

Want to be a Divine Mystic?

Divine Mystic.jpg

Because I love you and want to diminish suffering in the world....It is time for some real, hard truths

To get straight to the point...suffering is optional.  

There have been times in my life where I was deeply 'suffering' internally.  

Debilitating depression, anxiety, and panic attacks left me in a place of feeling lost, confused, and hopeless.  I wondered if this is all there was in life.  

During those times, I wished someone had thrown me a life preserver to guide me out of where I was.  

Over the years, I have talked to many people who had similar experiences.  There was a one thing we all had in common during those times of 'suffering'.  Not a single one of us was living our purpose.  

I share this story because I know I spent years of feeling lost and wasn't living my purpose before I fell into that place of 'suffering'.  

I saw signs, was offered a hand, and sometimes knew what needed to change but I stubbornly pursued the expectations either put upon me or that I had placed on myself.  

I bet you can guess how well that all worked out....

Perhaps you can relate to this story....or maybe you aren't 'suffering' that bad, yet.  

Let me circle around to my initial point. Suffering is optional.  

This is me, reaching out a hand, giving you a sign, and showing you a different path.  The path out of feeling lost, confused or hopeless to living your purpose.  

Subtle energetic shits, healing practices and guidance are waiting for you in The Soul Alignment System.  

It is for all of us seeking to align our human experience with our Soul's purpose.  

The Soul Alignment System begins Monday!

What is the Divine Mystic Power Center all about? 

A Divine Mystic sees the webs of connection as humans and souls.  

The Divine Mystic knows the power of intention and trusts in their ability to conduct the Universe in their favor towards their highest good.  

They hold what is of the highest benefit for all at the forefront of their mind.  Connecting to a higher power regularly and allow themselves to be guided by their well-ancestors, angels, guides and spirit animals.  They feel the magic of the Rooted Magician, the creativity of the Wild Creator, the power of the Sovereign Warrior, the warmth of the Sacred Midwife, the truth of the Spell Weaver, and the deep knowing of the Wise Oracle.  Their connection with all the other Power Centers allow  them to conduct their life and path with ease.  

A Divine Mystic connects with all the other Power Centers allowing them to conduct their life and path with ease.  

Have you caught on to the secret yet? 

The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them.

You hold the Power and only you hold the key to unlocking them. 

I want to show you were the keys are and empower you to do this yourself. 

This gives you the tools to come back to them again and again whenever you get knocked off course. 

Time is running out to sign up.....

The Soul Alignment System which begins Monday!

xx Nicole

Want to be a Wise Oracle?


Hey love....

I don't mean to be blunt, but how well do you trust yourself? 

Every moment our bodies are processing information on multiple levels. 

All of our senses are meant to be used for gathering information...yet we often are taught to ignore, to not give as much credit to some of our senses, or to place more importance on some vs others. That doesn't even bring the 6th sense into the conversation. 

The 6th sense is the ability to have extrasensory perception or telepathy. 

Can I give you a good hard truth? 

We all have the ability to tap into the 6th sense and to build our strength and trust in it. 

We will be building our senses in.....

The Soul Alignment System which begins Monday!

What is the Wise Oracle Power Center all about? 

A Wise Oracle expects sign and symbols to become markers on the Soul's path. 

The Wise Oracle trusts in all of their sense to bring knowledge and information in and knows exactly what to do with the information. 

The 6th sense is what the Wild Oracle is. They take all of the information from all of their senses and trust in what they are being given. They look to their night dreams, day dreams, visions, intuition, and their senses for information. Everyone receives knowing differently and every way is valid. Information may come in by hearing, sensing, seeing, feeling or a combination of them. The Wise Oracle knows to trust, digest, decipher and strengthen each of these senses to grow their Oracle abilities. 

A Wise Oracle trusts themselves, above any other. 

Have you caught on to the secret yet? 

The truth is you hold this beautiful Power Center within yourself. All seven of them.

You hold the Power and only you hold the key to unlocking them. 

I want to show you were the keys are and empower you to do this yourself. 

This gives you the tools to come back to them again and again whenever you get knocked off course. 

Time is running out to sign up.....

The Soul Alignment System which begins Monday!

xx Nicole