[Part 7] Connecting with the Divine

This is the final edition of this 7-part series discussing how Chakras relate to birthing businesses and us growing into Spiritual women and leaders in our community. If you have missed any part of the series, you can find them here: 

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[Part 6] Third Eye Chakra: Honoring your visions

This past Fall, I was flooded with visions, ideas, insights and a path forward that I hadn't considered before.  This was when the rebrand of my business came through.  I say it came through because I didn't set out to give my business a makeover. 

Along the way, it made me over, as much as I did the work to makeover the container that holds it.  

The visions would come in as I was falling asleep at night, or in the wee hours of the morning.  I would be woken up in the middle of the night with wording for content running through my mind.  I often had to force myself to get up, turn on the lights and write it all down if I wanted to be able to go back to sleep.  

Spirit, the Divine, was grabbing my attention and showing me the way forward that I hadn't imagined for myself; and I was willing to pull the inspirations down and connect them to my everyday reality.

This happened at the very same time that the Mastermind program I was holding and birthing, was working with the Crown Chakra.  As I worked with the women in the program last year, my internal world shifted with each Chakra Business energy we worked with.  Month by month, my work, my offerings, my internal world went deeper.  

As I had worked my way through the year birthing my Mastermind program, I was doing my own internal work along with those in the program.  I began doing deep emotional healing work that was triggered by me being nudged to stand fully in my power.  

I started last year having no idea how the Mastermind program would unfold and come to life, and then it just happened.  

I showed up to hold the container and I truly believe that Spirit worked though me to bring it into physical form - to make it what the Earth Changers Mastermind is today.  

Earth Changers is for those that are carrying a seed of intention, that know they have something big to offer the World, and they are ready to see exactly what that seed they are carrying will sprout and bloom into.  

Whether that business idea is completely formed or you are wishing to plant your seed of an idea that you know you have but have NO idea what it is, this program is for you.  

This is for you if you know you have a calling, yet don't know the exact form it will take yet.  

When I began this business, I had NO idea it would be what it is today.  I could have waited.  I could have let fear hold me back.  I could have continued to make the excuse that I didn't have the money to hire the business coach that I did back in 2014.  But I didn't wait.  I looked fear in the face and said FUCK IT!  I didn't know where it would lead me, but I knew that the freedom that I longed to have in my life wasn't going to happen until I was willing to say YES.  

Connecting with the Divine

The Crown Chakra.  

Have you ever encountered a super flighty person that seemed to always have their heads in the clouds, with ideas constantly coming from them, good ideas even, but nothing ever comes of them?  Their Crown Chakra is likely wide open and they have a deep rich connection with the Divine, yet without doing the complete work to balance all of the Chakras, those inspirations and ideas can't root themselves down into the Earth to grow into something tangible and physical.  

This is the beauty of being willing to do this work.  What good is it to be given messages from the Divine if we can't then figure out what to do with them?  

I know, for myself, for years I was just seeking to ground myself so deeply in the Earth because when I felt myself open up my Crown energy, I found it difficult to stay present and felt like my Spirit would fly away.  That was not helpful for my consistently anxious state at the time.  

Yet, over time, I began to ground myself first, then open up to the energy of the Divine, of above, of the ethers, and slowly begin to allow messages and inspirations in.  

This isn't always perfect.  I am given inspirations that I don't ever do anything with. Though, I have found over time that the ones that are most important will continue to come back into my consciousness, over and over again, until I am willing to ground them through my energetic body and bring them into the physical realm.  

Giving form to something ethereal isn't always easy.  So, if it feels like I am being a bit vague, it is only because the ability to truly experience it happens only when the prior Chakra energy work is done.  

If you feel something pulling at you to explore what I am talking about deeper, listen to it. Honor it.  Pay close attention to the pull from the Divine.

And keep the voice of your ego in check.  It likes to keep us small, quiet and meek for fear it will no longer be useful to us.  

We can no longer afford to stay small and quiet.  Our world is in desperate need for us to step up as Feminine leaders in the world.  It is time to step into your calling.  It is more vital that we are willing to rise, now more than ever.  

We are powerful beyond measure.  You are powerful beyond measure.  I feel it in you.  I see it in you.  

This is your time.  This is your year.  

Join me here!

None of us can afford the assault on our Souls that is happening by standing still.  Let's rise together. 

xx Nicole

[Part 6] Honoring your visions

I was standing over the stove on Saturday night, crying into a pot of Ukrainian borscht I just made.  

The vision was so clear in my mind.  

I saw myself kneeling on the ground out in the yard of our home.  I was surrounded by a dear friend that does Reiki, my veterinarian and my 12 year old lab who was lying in front of me.  I saw how loving, peaceful and beautiful a life could be honored in the crossing to another dimension.  The beauty, the grief and the reality of it all had tears just streaming down my face.  

This is a reality that will play out in the next week or so, as I have made the difficult decision to allow my old friend to pass on.  Nothing about this situation was clear cut, black and white; it was all grey.  So, I used my gifts to get quiet, to listen to what her body and Spirit were telling me and gathered the information I needed to make the best choice for all of us.  

When the vision came, I honored it as a gift, knowing I could do it my way - with my love and gifts holding space for her life and, with gratitude, release her from this dimension.    

Honoring your visions

The Third Eye Chakra. 

The Third Eye Chakra is an energy that holds space for our imaginations and for guidance from Spirit.  

In my story above is an example of the ability of my Third Eye Chakra in a balanced state to show the possible unfoldings of an experience before it occurs.  The benefit of working with this Chakra energy, allowed me to envision an outcome which enabled my body, mind, emotions and Spirit to begin processing the inevitable outcome.  

This comes into play when we are in a state of balance to be able to see where we are heading and how we want our life to look and feel in each moment.  Visualizing is an important part of the manifesting process, so keeping our Third Eye Chakra energy balanced serves us in so many other ways when we are working to attract or step into something new in our lives.  

Strengthening our connection to our Third Eye Chakra allows us to explore different situations and outcomes.

When our energy is out of balance, our vision can be overrun by worst case scenarios and visions that feed into our fears, instead of using visioning to overcoming them.  This leads to anxiety, panic and other issues that can overrun our life when this energy is not working in our favor.  

One of the most important concepts that I explore in relationship to business building and the Third Eye Charka is our ability to clearly see ourselves and our branding.  For myself, this was a combination of being open to the visions I received from Spirit and my ability to imagine the different looks and feels I wanted to capture in my recent rebrand.  

The rooted piece of it all went back to how I wanted myself and others to feel when they entered my website or came across any of my images.  

Only by doing the work with the other Chakras leading up to the Third Eye can these visions come through crystal clear.  

It is the reason why discussing websites isn't something we work with as a group in the EARTH CHANGERS Mastermind until October.  Not that it doesn't come up and can't be done sooner. I just find that people have crystal clear clarity when they do the work leading up to the Third Eye Chakra.  Then it doesn't need to be redone at this point. I am all about working smarter and not harder.  

Can you see yourself standing fully in your Medicine this year?  If so, join me here!

Next week I will wrap up this 7 part series discussing the Crown Chakra and the exquisite beauty that transpires when the energy is able to flow through all the Chakras up through the Crown and back down again.

xx Nicole

[Part 5] Sharing your unique & authentic message

Those of you that have been on this journey with me over the past few years have witnessed the transformation that has occurred in me finding my authentic voice.  

Breaking down the hinderance of 'proper' writing skills, unlearning so much of what we were taught in English class, allowing our personal self to merge with our work self to allow our truth, our voice, and our deepest self to come shining through.

There are many, many classes about writing good copy, yet none of them matter if you don't truly know who you are and what makes you unique.  

This is why each and every layer of the Chakra work in my Earth Changers Mastermind builds upon each other, allowing yourself to slowly blossom and unfold into the beauty and truth you carry at your core.  If you have missed the last parts of this discussion, scroll down this page to see Parts 1-4.  

Sharing your unique & authentic message

The Throat Chakra.

Your writing should feel like a chat with an old, wise friend - allowing each interaction to build on the last. 

This is how I allow my writing to emerge: 

  • I don't plan out what I am going to write, typically.  I allow what is alive and true for me in the moment to come through me, into the keys on my computer, and then to you.
  • I ground and connect to the ethers before I begin.  
  • I always - ALWAYS - ask that Spirit move through me and allow me to share what needs to be heard at this time.  
  • I imagine you are sitting here next to me and share what is on my heart and mind in a conversation-style interaction, realizing it is often a one-sided conversation. 

Getting to this place has been as much of an inner journey as it has been an outer journey.  

The thing about writing is that it is a muscle that needs to be exercised as much as anything else we do.  The more we write, the deeper we get to know ourselves, the more in alignment we get to our gifts and Soul's medicine, the better the messaging becomes.  

This is why just taking that copywriting course on its own likely won't get you to where you want to be.  There is an entire picture that needs to be seen and felt before it can be translated to your tribe.  

In life, this is just as true.  How often do you find yourself saying something that upon further reflection you realize you regurgitated an answer that was not your own, and buried under the surface you meant something quite different? You know, that voice of your Mother, your Father, or a teacher that comes out of your mouth before you realize that the programmed answer might not be true for you.  

Through doing the deeper work that leads up to sharing yourself in your life and business, you allow the messages and truth to flow from your deepest center when you get to working with the Throat Chakra.  

Today, bring your awareness to your Throat Chakra.  Close your eyes and see if you can feel into where the energy is living.  Can you feel it?  Is it living in the front of your throat or in the back of your throat, or is it balanced in the middle?   

Some questions to ask yourself: Am I spending enough time truly listening to those around me?  Am I speaking to just hear myself speak?  Where can I bring more awareness into my throat and how I share myself in the world?  Is my authentic voice coming through right now, and if not, what work do I need to do to unlock or to share it?

We ask these questions and so much more in the Earth Changers Mastermind.  The doors open soon, so get on the waitlist here to be the first to know when they open, since space is limited, and I want you to stand in your Soul's Medicine and to birth a sustainable business for massive impact this year.  

What would it take for you to share all of you this year?

Next week, I will be sharing about the third eye chakra and how it applies to our life and business.  

Huge love to you on this journey,

xx Nicole