It is time for a new way to birth a business,

one that heals and ignites you right from the beginning

using re-evolutionary principles

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What is Align?

Align is a 7 month, re-evolutionary training program that teaches energy-based business practices to business owners who want to embrace their uniqueness and to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re brand new to business or established and seeking a business reset, Align will challenge you to bring your dreams to life in a sustainable way.

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How does Align work?

Align trainings are released in weekly modules and consist of videos, workbooks, and resource lists. All of the training is online, contained in the private Align member only site. Community members can view training videos, connect with each other, and access all of the material as it is released.

Align also includes interactive components like quarterly virtual retreat days and twice monthly video calls to build connection with the community, integrate the information and to practice the skills taught each month to receive the highest value from their investment.

Plus, you’re an Align member for life. You can retake the program for free each year, for as long as the program exists.

If you want to learn energetic tools to align your business with your dreams and purpose, Align is for you. Ideal members fall into the following categories:



Your dream is to sell products or services, information or advice, own your own space, or you’d like to be totally virtual, Align will help you get started in a sustainable way.



If you are a massage therapist, healer, artist, reiki practitioner and ready to widen your reach and stand out from the crowd, Align will show you how to claim your uniqueness and widen your presence both off and online.



Already running a (somewhat) successful business? Ready to create better work-life balance and to discover a healthy rhythm? Align will guide you in re-setting your habits to create a business you can thrive in.

Wanna read some reviews?


Nicole has a beautiful and in depth understanding of the birthing process whether you're birthing a baby or birthing a business.  She created a platform for birthing a soul based business that allowed for the natural birthing and gestation process to take place in a very organic and supportive way.  I felt held, nurtured and guided over the course of our time working together.  I went from having a vague idea of what I was even doing to finding total clarity on my purpose and mission within my business.  

Before working together I'd say that I was pretty shy and timid around what it was that I was even doing and offering.  I had a vague idea and sense, but didn't really feel that deep soul resonate "Yes!  This is what I'm all about and this is my offering to the world!"  Through our time together and journeying through the archetypes each month, I now have clarity and a whole new point of focus.  During one of our very first calls was where I got my big aha moment and realized the work that I was being called to offer.  Over the following months, I gained a tremendous amount of clarity and inspiration around my offerings.  I feel like it was a very transformative journey that helped to lay a solid foundation for me to continue to build and grow upon. // Cree Cox - Menstrual Maven & Lifestyle Mentor


Thank you, Nicole, for your love and focus on the sacred. As I was learning about building my art business you reminded me to listen to myself as someone who is powerful and has the inner wisdom to move forward and trust myself, and my intuition. Before this program I kept my interest and love of shamanism, law of attraction, and gemstones hidden. I felt embarrassed about this side of me and didn’t want to be perceived as strange or “woo woo”. After my year with you, I’m completely comfortable being me, sharing who I am and I’ve learned that this is a strength. It may not be for everyone but certainly for the people who would be interested in my work. I enjoyed the community calls; everyone without exception seemed to have a focus on doing the inner work and creating a business offering from a place of soul and authenticity. I know now, this is the only place my business needs to emerge and grow from.  In addition, I learned about the functional aspects to business like copy writing, branding and web design which was important for me too. But the key was I learned about these functional aspects of running a business from you and your chosen expert’s perspective - which was infused with soul, and with a focus on serving the world in a way that true. // Nichole Crawford - Artist of Magic 


is the perfect balance of energetic tools with practical skills to focus on aligning you, your business, and your soul so that what you create isn't just a "business", but a unique manifestation of your dreams come true.

We Begin Sunday, June 2nd 2019,

in the shadow of the new moon,

birthing yourself and your life's vision anew with the support of a brave community by your side.  

Along the way:

Using the custom energetic guidance created for Align, The Soul Alignment System, the flow for the journey is:

  • June - Build a solid grounding foundation for personal and professional growth connecting with your Why and your Soul’s Purpose

  • July - Connect with your creative soul and create healthy energetic boundaries for you and your clients

  • August - Discover your wild authentic self, your natural gifts and who you are meant to serve

  • September - Claim how you share your gifts with the world and explore sacred and equitable commerce

  • October - Practice how to share who you are with the world, unleash your powerful voice and discover your authentic message

  • November - Embrace and follow your intuitive guidance

  • December- Create brave containers for your offerings and how you serve

Through this process, you will discover your business identity, structure and processes. Practical steps along the way will build business relationships while keeping a healthy sense of self allowing you to speak with authenticity to naturally connect with your customers and your business to flourish.

Dates for bi-weekly calls and quarterly virtual retreats to be released to community members upon registration. Live participations is encouraged and all sessions will be recorded.

Other explorations during Align

  • Re-Claim the Art of Stillness - Discover the importance of stillness and slowing down in daily life to tap more fully into the creative, wild self waiting for you.

  • Rituals and Sacredness – Master the art of ritual, sacredness, and connection so that you, your life, and business create from the place of magic and co-creation with the Universe.

  • Soul Discovery – Develop your Soul Compass for all your decision making, so that your choices will be aligned with your Soul. 

  • Tarot and Oracle Cards - Discover how to use these transformational tools as a way to cut through the mind chatter to gather wisdom and direction.  No experience with Tarot or Oracle Cards is necessary.

  • Creating Sacred Space – Create Sacred Space anywhere, anytime. I have worked with a variety of spiritual practices over the years and am deep in my own learning about my own European Ancestors ways.  This background allows space for the beliefs you may bring, as well.  In this space, you will be encouraged to connect with your own ancestral ways to bring more authentic ritual and ceremony into your daily life, building a bridge from the past and into the future.

  • Monthly Soul Alignment Assessments– Ground and explore your life and business through each of the Archetypal energies from the Soul Alignment System and discover what energy you most need to keep you moving forward in making your impact on the world.  

  • Online Business Basics with Soul - Create a business right from the start that feels good to give birth to.  Discover which website platform to use, how to create a sales page that doesn't feel slimy, writing copy that comes from the heart, and how to share your message with the world. 

Intention, manifestation and magic lead the way through our journey together.

Re-Evolutionary Investment

The investment for Align 2019 is $3333.

Please choose the level of investment that matches your values and capacity.

Supporting of others

Choose this option to support this offering at the highest level, while supporting another member who needs support to participate.


Sustaining this offering

Choose this option to sustain this offering in a healthy and balanced way.

If you are able to pay for "wants" and spend little time worried about securing necessities in your life, you have economic privilege and power in our community. This price is for you.


Supported by others

Choose this option for financial assistance to participate in this offering.

 If you are struggling to conquer debt or build savings or move away from paycheck to paycheck living but have access to steady income and are not spending most of your time thinking about meeting basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, child care, etc., you belong here. If you, however, can ask others for financial support, such as family members, partners, or friends, please consider using those personal resources before using resources of the community and limit opportunities for others.

If the lower tier is still prohibitive, I will work with folx to offer extended payment plans and other solutions.



Full or Partial Scholarship

If you struggle to maintain access to needs such as health care, housing, food, child care, and are living paycheck to paycheck or are in significant debt, you probably belong here and you deserve a community that honors your energetic contribution as equal to an economic offering as the person who can pay the highest tier.

One scholarship is offered for every 6 paying members.

Priority will be given to those who identify as Queer or a Person of Color.

Soul Alignment Experience


Are you ready to dig deep and discover your full magical essence?
Let’s work together.

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  • Complete experience above

  • Personal Accountability

  • Monthly one-on-one sessions

  • Unlimited email access

    Total Investment $5555

Take the leap!


Make this the YEAR....

Fear doesn't hold you back in your life or business for one more second.

Start living your life, your way.  Big dreams and all. 

Your divine gifts are no longer hidden from you or the world. 

Finally, give birth to your business from conception, to gestation, to labor and bring it into the world to make a difference.

Still not sure if align is right for you?

 Let’s talk about it.  

In love and light!

xx Nicole