“I’d rather be whole than good.”
- Carl Jung

Once upon a time, in a far away land…

No. Fuck that.

You are only going to get real and authentic with me. I refuse to do fairytales or blow smoke up your ass.  I believe it is important to walk a Spiritual path with Practical feet.


I began this journey because I was tired of saying Yes to all the things I thought I had to, and I was totally miserable, exhausted, burnt-out, and devoid of any magic in my life.  

I walked away from my life as a Midwife, with student loans up the yin-yang, to craft and cultivate a life of my own choosing.  The choice I made didn’t make sense to those around me, but I couldn’t betray my own body and soul any longer.  

I lived by should’s & have to’s, like so many women I work with now.  These things keep us small, distracted and so busy that there isn’t time for the things we really want to say ‘HELL YES’ to.


I moved to an island in the Pacific Northwest and started my journey as an entrepreneur.  My life has unfolded magically from there.  

I began to reclaim the 3 years of shamanic training I had and started living from my intuition, releasing all the ‘should’s’ from my life.  

My life has been radically transformed.

On the other side of where this journey began:  I am a Amazon best selling author; creating when I feel inspired; holding space for the metaphorical conceptions, births, transitions and deaths, working with people who are seeking to step into their dreams in life and business, as well as those who are ready for a major transformation.  

I am the catalyst to discovering your inner truth and your Soul’s Medicine.  

I hold the vision
until you can see the transformation on the other side
of your current here and now.  

Let’s connect about how I can best midwife your journey.  

A deep bow and holding space for your magic within,

xx, Nicole